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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birth Announcements

I knew I wanted to send out birth announcements for when our little guy was finally here. I had no idea what I was in for....Once he was here I started to look around at different websites and was totally blown away by all the different websites and types of announcements that were out there.  I was completely overwhelmed (the drugs, along with the breastfeeding and the crying may have added to it too)!

There are some plain announcement:

This is your simple/plain announcement with just the child's name along with the "birth stats". It is very simple, classic, pretty, and straight to the point.

Now, here is another option for a plain announcement...

Now, I did say plain right? Well, excuse me, because plain is not the word to use for these lovlies. These are also straight to the point with having the child's name and birth stats on the front but they have several different options along with them. Yes, I said several different options, this is a birth announcment, we are not looking into buying a new car.  

-You have the choice of getting letterpress (which is gorgeous btw! I am slightly obsessed with letterpress)
-the standard print
-the coordinating thank you cards
-coordinating envelopes
-the type of cardstock you want it printed on
-what type of finish (matte v. glossy)
-the size
-etc, etc, etc, you get the idea

Then there is your photo card announcement: all of the below are from Tiny Prints

By the way, these pictures are not of me and my family.

Just when you think, awww these are just adorable. Well, you ain't seen nothin yet...

Check these out...
And yes, these are trifolds! Super cute!!

You of course can go the custom route too, where you find a designer (I know a really good one if you are interested :) )and they create exactly what you have in your head. And to be honest, from my expereince, its normally better.

There are sites such as Tiny Prints, which are the ones that I have showed above and...
The amazing Hello Lucky that carries this adorable and fun announcement...

And Minted that carries this gorgeous annoucement,

And to the crowd pleasing Shutterfly...

And these all are just the tip of the iceberg. They all range in prices, quantities and quality so it depends on what you want. But, just to warn you when you go and look, there are a lot of different types and websites out there. So if you are pregnant now, start looking, it will be fun eye candy and not so overwhelming for you once your little one gets here.


Fashion Meets Food said...

How cute are those! I love the ones with multiple pictures!


Piper Jacquelyn said...

I love receiving announcements in the mail! I love mail in general - snailmail is just great in general. I'm planning to adopt a puppy soon - do you think I should get announcements printed, haha!? Why not!