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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pumps v. Flats

Before I was pregnant I would have never been seen without my pumps  (well, except for the weekends, I am a Florida girl, so its flip flops on the weekend during the day). I loved my pumps! I wore them to work, shopping, running errands, you name it, I wore them. Pumps to me are so much fun..they add a touch of "glamour". Here are some beauties...

You can get these beauties here: Neiman Marcus

You can get this pair of bowlicious pumps here: Nordstroms

And, you can get this hotness here: Neiman Marcus

I just like to keep it simple. Have one brown pair (light and dark brown), one black, and several fun colored ones to add a touch of spice to the outfit. People never thought that they would see the day when I didn't want to wear heels anymore.
Well...the days came when I was pregnant and my feet swelled so bad that I could no longer fit into my shoes (I called them my "Shrek feet"). How horrible is that?! I finally was ok with the fact that I couldn't buy clothes anymore because I wouldn't be able to fit into them, so I decided I would stick with just shoes, accessories and bags. Well, now I couldn't even buy shoes?!!
Well, I had to find some sort of shoes that would fit me and I came across flats. I was not too excited about the idea of flats. But then when I thought about it, I realized that a new shopping window had opened up for me. Flats! Well now I am obsessed with them and never even want to look at my heels. How did I ever shove my feet into them? They are so uncomfortable! I really wore those? Yeah they look hot but come on!
It's so funny what motherhood will do to you. I could care less about wearing heels now, yeah ill wear them when I go out for a special occasion but that's about it. Here are some I have purchased during my pregnancy and even post pregnancy.
I got these off of Hautelook for half off of the retail price! SCORE!

 These are from Ann Taylor
And the world's most comfy shoes ever are from Cole Haan

 I have been slowly eyeing some pumps again but I just can't imagine myself hustling and bustling around with a baby in my arms wearing crazy high heels. Maybe ill try it for a day and see. I don't want all my shoes to be just sitting in my closet and go to waste now.
Do you all know what I'm talking about here or do you still rock your glamorous ways and wear your pumps?


Beach Bum & Baby said...

I LOVE this post. I'd like the Loubs, Revas and those bow flats you found please!! :)

I feel the SAME way. Because lets be real, I cannot be the only one who thinks that lady with jeans and heels on pushing a baby carriage in Target just looks silly. I just feel like stroller+heels=no.

I'm excited to throw on some fun ruffle-y heels for our Vday night out (even if it is on a Tuesday bc it's the only day the MIL could babysit!) Ha!!

Ashley | Domestic Fashionista said...

There is a time and place for both! Both need to be rocked...and you have an adorable selection here!


Alicia xoxxo said...

Ok, seriously love all the shoe options! I am a "heel" girl! I just love heels and the way they make your legs look! However, I am also pregos with our first baby and I dont know how I will feel after baby is born!

things that sparkle said...

I wish I could wear heels all the time but I'm such a wuss, they kill my feet so they are saved for weekend evenings only. Happy to have found your blog!

Monogramchick said...

I am SO a flats girl. as a teacher in my past life, pumps were not an option. I love the Ann Taylor animal print ones...I see myself clicking over there soon! :)

michelle said...

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