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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To Photoshoot or Not To Photoshoot

That is the question. I had the hardest time deciding if I wanted if we could justify the price of taking newborn photos. Have you checked out the prices of photographers?! They are very pricey. I, of course wanted to have newborn photos taken of my new bundle of joy but could I really justify dropping $500.00 on a session and not even get actual prints? But have you seen some of those precious precious pictures out there with those little babies in those huge baskets with the blankets overflowing,  those adorable hats that overtake there tiny little heads, or when the babies are being held in their daddies huge hands heart melts everytime I see a pictures like that. Are these pictures just not adorable!!

Well, it took me two months to decide if I wanted to take newborn pictures or not. And, well lets just be honest, that is just too late, I missed the window for those precious pictures to be taken of my new little bundle of joy :(. He would not fit into those cute baskets nor would he be sound asleep and I could pose him however I wanted.

 But, overall, I am glad I waited. Not only did I find out through my mom that she had won at an auction a free session with an awesome photographer here in town but also that I got the DVD of the session with it! So, at two months we booked a session with the awesome Karen Harrison photography. We got some great photos taken and even used them on our Christmas cards.

Now, if I got the photos done with him as a newborn he most likely would have not been awake and if he was he would have probably been a bit fussy and decided to have a potty party. But at two months old, he was a rock star! He just went with the flow and let us put a cute little bear hat on him, lay him down on the ground with blankets, and we even got some adorable basket pictures of him. All while he was awake and looking at us with his piercing eyes. So, I think it was worth it to wait. He made the pictures that more fun I think.

So, if you are like me and miss the actual "newborn" window, its ok because you can still get some pretty cute pictures.


Jill said...

So perfect! Thanks for coming by... Can't wait to read more about you!

Gwen said...

He is so cute and I love these shots!!! When my daughter was little I took her for portraits every two months for the first 2 years. Then every 6 months for a while. Then I got a digital camera and we started just focusing on one family portrait every year. Her "newborn" shot weren't until she was 6 weeks old though because it was Christmas, etc. and I was too freaking busy. LOL!! Great blog!!!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Oh my gosh these are SO cute!! I am loving his sweet little hat.

We did a newborn shoot at 2 weeks. It was HELL. He cried the WHOLE time, he had reflux and we didn't know yet. It was so awful and it was so expensive. Next baby, I will definitely wait. I did end up with a few good shots and a lesson learned but it was ROUGH!!!