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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bath Seats

Little C has finally out grown his infant tub. He does not like to lay on his back anymore when he doesn't want to, so, it made bathing a very hard task. I searched and searched for the right bath seat and decided on this one.
I read very mixed reviews about this seat. I liked that it attached to the side of the tub so that it wouldn't tip over and that it was a hard plastic material that could take abuse if needed. My girlfriend also had this same bath seat and loved it. One of the most important reviews I take into consideration are from my girlfriends. They know me very well and would know if I would like a certain product or not, so I take their opinions very close to heart.

So far this seat is awesome. The only complaint I have is that when I have to wash his little baby booty its hard to get under him because of the ring and my shirt ends up getting pretty wet because I have to pick him up and hold him at a weird angle to wash it. However, I would rather have a wet shirt and know my baby is safe.

Here are several other seats I took into consideration... 
This is the Juvenile Solutions seat. This was my second choice but read that the suction cups at the base of the seat did not suction to textured tubs...bummer. I didn't want to take that chance in case it didn't work in our tub. Other then that it looks like it would be a great seat.

In blue of course, because Little C does not do pink. He told me so. :)
This seat looks like a bigger infant tub which I loved and it got great reviews. However, I decided that since it was pretty much the same thing he already had but only bigger would probably outgrow it too quickly.

Now onto this weird contraption...

This thing...looks like it would be neat/trendy and the baby would like it but in theory how in the world do you wash your baby? It looks like it would be more fun to float around in then anything. I would be scared to death that Little C would decide to fall backwards and then what? There is nothing to support the baby if they fall. This looks like a scary puffed up piece of fabric. Plus would it ever dry?? Seems like it would get mildewey to me.

The Safety 1st tub side seat is the way to go in our house.



Beach Bum & Baby said...

I desperately need to figure out what to do about bath time! We are still using our whale but I took a piece of it out to make it easier for him to sit up. It's definitely not a long term solution. I'm going to look at the one you got - thanks for the review :) I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!!!

-Lucky Mommy- said...

Wow. I've never seen this bath seat thing! It's so hard to keep him from floating everywhere in the tub. This might do the trick!