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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dreamy Baby Shower

Last week I posted about an amazing baby shower (the one with the adorable bunny cookies) that was decorated perfect for the mom to be who didn't know the sex yet. I think that this is another perfect example of a shower where the sex is unknown.

Of course this is another Amy Atlas find. LOVE HER BLOG!!

The whole party is based around bunting. I am loving the colors they chose.
I love all the white dishes they used to coordinate everything.
It is just perfect!

Look how adorable this cake is with the bunting on the actual cake and then on the cake stand.

And see those paper straws in the background.
That is my new party must have.
Love them!

Cake balls and the pretties cookies I have ever seen!
I love when people label everything at parties. It adds such a great touch.

Vanille Bean Cupcakes with the bunting. YES PLEASE!

And look how adorable these little onesie cookies are as the favors.

Another great shower founded by Amy Atlas!


Fashion Meets Food said...

How cute! My friend had a boy and her baby shower was all boats.... everything was boats I wish i would have taken pictures because she even had it on a yacht...they're kinda rich.


Pearl said...

That is a very cute baby shower.
I love this post and your blog is super adorable! Glad I found u!

I'm a new follower.
Come check out my blog..u wont regret. =)


Lorri said...

That is adorable. I always say I missed my calling. I really should have been a party-planner! What a FUN job! Headed to check out her blog.

Julie {love, julie} said...

This is the cutest thing. All these adorable baby showers make me want to have some kids just for the great parties!