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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Etsy Love

I love me some etsy. Whenever I am looking for something unique I go directly to etsy. Check out the adorable finds below...

Ruffled Mary Jane Shoes. They come in all sorts of colors.
How stinkin cute are these?!!

A beautiful butterfly mobile.
What little girl would not want to stare at this in her crib?

An adorable St. Patrick's day outfit complete with a tutu.

Personalized name blocks.
This would add a cute touch in the nursery.

A beautiful flower headband.
This little girl is such a beautiful model and I am so in love with all of this stores pieces.

How adorable is this! I want one in my size!

Long sleeved shirt with a tie. You can get any patterned tie you want on the shirt.
My Little C would look so handsome in this :)

I wish I came across these when Little C was a newborn. I feel like I missed out on all the cuteness and great photo opps.

Precious baby owl hat.
This makes my heart melt.

I peronsonally got this for Little C and just love it. Its hanging in his nursery. I love to purchase these as gifts for friends with newborns.  

Of course we can't forget some goodies from Etsy for mommy :)

I am loving this gorgeous white summer dress.

This amazingly pretty clutch. I am loving the ruffles on it.

This flower hair piece is do die for! I dont know where besides and wedding and you were the bride you would wear this but I find it stunning.

What all great finds have you come up with through etsy?


Jill said...

Ohhhhhhh, so many cute things! I love it! That Shift dress... DARLING! Girl clothes are just so cute... all the time!

Very cute finds!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Thanks for stopping by! I heart Etsy! I went crazy on that site before I had my little girl. I am going to check out all this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Etsy fan. Love Etsy. (I shop under hubs account though :)

When our first was born, I got those soft little shoes, teethers, prints for his room, and when J was born, I got another print, baby sling, burp cloths, and a few other things.

Aren't you so glad for Etsy?!

P.S. The title of your blog cracked me up.

Here in the MBL household, it is the non-whining hour!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Etsy is the bomb. I love those ruffled shoes and letter pressed note cards. All great finds!

Chelsea said...

Love your blog and love your blog design. Thanks for sharing all of your etsy finds. I don't know what I did before etsy.

Chelsea said...

I wish they had the molly shift dress in my size too!