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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to make my diaper cake

This is a tutorial on how I make my diaper cakes.
There are a ton of photos so be prepared.

You will need:
a lot of rubber bands
receiving blankets
cute baby stuff to accessorize your cake

Buy a smaller diaper.
Preferably newborns or size one.
I used Huggies Newborn and size one on this cake.

 Roll the diaper from the bottom to the top.
Roll it tightly.

 Secure it with a rubberband.

and then begin layering your cake.
Get a couple bigger rubberbands to hold all of your rolls and start putting them inside the bigger rubberband.

 Get some receiving blankets.
These were purchased from Target.
I prefer the Carters receiving blankets but I was on a budget with this cake and also could not find any Carters blankets that matched the shoes and socks I already had already purchased. So these blankets worked.
Carters blankets are just bigger and easier to work with and also make great gifts.

 I find it easier to keep the blankets exactly how they come off of the hanger.
So try and keep them like this. It will be easier to work with and you can use the folds already created.

These things are what make this diaper cake work.
See below.

 Wrap your first layer around. You may have to fold the blanket over to make sure its the right height and width.
Then put a few pins in the back where the blankets overlap.
Dont put too many. You dont want the mama to hate you when she is trying to take apart the cake :)

 Next, you will have some excess blankets at the top.
Like this...

 Fold the blankets in

 And secure the overlapping with pins.
Again, not too many. Just one in the places where it puckers out.

Now you are ready for your next layer...

Wrap your blanket around.

 You will have to fold the blankets into different sizes for the following layers.
Trust me you will have to experiment with the folding to see what works for that particular layer.
See how I folded the top over.

 Pull it tight and secure it with the pins again.

 Fold the top and secure.

 Now look how many times I had to fold this layer.
You may have to get creative on your folds depending on how big or small your cake is.

Wrap it.

And this time I didnt have to secure this layer because it fit my layer perfectly.

And the final top 4th layer.

Here is the final wrapped cake.

Here is the final product.
I picked up those shoes and socks on the cheap at Old Navy (there were clearanced and I used a 30% off coupon! SCORE!!)

And the backside.

Dont you just love how smooth it looks.
I also like to make a little tag on the cake with a description of where exactly the pins are so that they can remove them easily.

This cake is such a hit at showers. People go crazy over them.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Beach Bum & Baby said...

YAY!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'n definitely going to make one of these!! It looks so cute!! My mind is running wild with ideas right now!! :)

jacin {lovely little details} said...

such a helpful tutorial! i've always wondered!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Very cute! I made one for my friend, but now i`m going to take it apart and make it like this one!


the workaholic momma said...

Awesome...thanks so much for posting this - I have been wondering how to make these - so adorable!!