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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Au Naturel?

I love the idea of feeding Little C organic baby food. But, in all reality I don't do it 90% of the time. I normally feed him Gerber or Beech Nut. I secretly feel like a bad mother for choosing the lesser expensive brands, so I try to stock up like crazy on Earth's Best when they are BOGO at Publix.

I do enjoy making him baby food but he only likes mama's fruits. No homemade veggies please. I don't know what it is about my veggies but he does not like them...maybe the texture??

How much of a difference do you think it really makes that I don't feed my child organic products? I know I was not fed organic anything when I was a baby. Do I have allergies now? Yes, absolutely, I actually have a ton of allergies. I am allergic to milk, rice, corn, beef, tomatoes, etc. It sounds like I am almost allergic to life because anything you eat really has these products in it. I have slightly grown out of my allergies but they still linger.

So I wonder if I feed my child organic/gluten free products when he is a baby will this prevent him from having allergies when he is older???


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

I don't think that will prevent allergies at all. I actually think it is quite the opposite you need to introduce them to many different types of foods so their bodies can get used to it. Do not feel bad about not feeding him all organic. I feel bad I don't make all of Sterling's baby food. but it is life we are busy we just gotta do the best can! I don't know if you live near a Harris Teeter but they have the 12 pack cases of Earthbst for $6.99 right now a real steal!

Baby Shopaholic said...

My pedi suggest organic also. I kind of buy whats on sale. I sure did hit up the Beachnut BOGO at Publix! Now she wants what we eat so not sure what we are going to do.

Sarah said...

Earths Best is on sale 20 jars for $10 at BRU