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Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby To Do List

As I have talked about this before, I work full time and when I get home I keep going and going. Most nights I don't just sit down, turn on the TV and relax.
Why you ask?
Because I'm neurotic and I always feel like there is stuff that must/has/needs to get done.
There are household chores and there are baby chores that need to get done....
I have a continuous to do list that I keep checking stuff off and keep adding on to.

First up on my baby to do list is his
Baby Book.

I got this as a gift from my mom before he was even born.
I was originally going to get started on it then and it just never happened.
This thing haunts me in my dreams.
I know I need to start on it so I don't forget his milestones and important pictures and information I want to include.
But I can never seem to get around to tackling this big project.
To select the cutest and most appropriate picture is overwhelming on top of having to remember all of his stats and when he did things. The baby book is going to take a lot of brain power and time.
I wish they had a digital version. Since all of his pictures are digital it would make it so much easier to just upload his pictures and type in his stats and then print it. GENIUS OR WHAT?!
Can someone please create this!

I need to organize our pantry.
C's baby food and paraphernalia have taken over our pantry.
He just has so much stuff!
I found this organizer and thought it was the coolest thing!
Maybe because I have a slight obsession with containers and organization??
But I could keep it on the counter (not like there is any room on the counter either with all of his bottles and such) fully stocked  so that way the pantry would have less in it and would stay more organized.

His toys are everywhere.
I need to find some way to organize all of his toys.
Do you guys have any suggestions?
My thing is I want it to kinda match our furniture and not look too kiddy (we have dark wood).
I am not finding a whole lot.
But this might just have to work.

And yes, my ultimate organization project.
I have been packing up all of C's clothes, toys, blankets, bottles, binkies, diapers, etc that he has outgrown and put them in these Rubbermaid containers and labeling them with whats in it.
This is a very sad project :(  
The thing that got to me most was packing up his swing. He loved his swing but can't fit in it anymore nor is he even interested in it. I can't believe how big C is getting and how quickly.
I have 6 containers full of stuff already and he is only 9 months old.
Good thing we have a family storage that we can put all of this stuff in for free.
If we do decide to have another baby I secretly hope we have another boy so that we can use this stuff again, I think it would be a big waste if we couldn't.

What are some baby projects on your to do list?
Maybe you guys can give me some more good ideas so I can add some to my to do list.


Lindsey said...

Do you live close to Ikea? My sister used one of their book cases (think square shaped) for my nieces playroom and did different baskets in the holes for toys. I think it was maybe called Expedit?

Cara S. said...

Oh man, the list NEVER ends!!! It goes on and on and once you think you are done...nope, there is always more to do. Best of luck, it is not easy being a mom and working full time and juggling it all!

Happiness Is... said...

I so need to start the baby book, too. He's almost 3 months and I feel like it's going to get unmanageable.