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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Help Around the House

My last two posts I have talked about needing balance in my life.
I am still trying to figure out this whole motherhood thing as well as still doing everything that I used to do.
Well, one thing that has helped ease my mind is this little "girl"...

Bed Bath and Beyond description
The Mint® Automatic Floor Cleaner uses the NorthStar® Navigation System to determine its location then builds a map of the area as it cleans, including walls, obstacles and drop offs. Mint® starts by cleaning open areas, then follows with a perimeter sweep along the edges of furniture and walls for a complete clean. When Mint® is finished cleaning, it returns to where it started and parks itself so you know right where to find it. Smart sensors help Mint® slow down before bumping walls and furniture, detect areas that are too low to enter, avoid area rugs and avoid falling down stairs. The special mopping motion gets deeper dirt and grime off your floor and PerfectEdge™ technology cleans along edges and walls. Mint® delivers whisper quiet operation and cleans up to three hours on a single charge. Includes charger, two dry microfiber cleaning cloths, one wet cleaning cloth, NorthStar® Navigation Cube, and two C batteries. UL listed.

This is Minty ...
(that's what we call her in our house and yes its a her because she (meaning me) normally vacuums in our house so I thought it was appropriate it be a girl)

Minty has helped ease my mind (a bit). Minty comes with 2 microfiber clothes and 1 for mopping.
You just wrap the clothes around the base and push start and she cleans the floors. She works off of a GPS.
How amazing is that right?!
I have not tried the mopping function but I think I'm going to. The only bad thing about the mopping function is that you just wet the cloth and that's it. There is no actual cleaning solution so the floors aren't really getting that clean. But heck ill take it!

She gets stuck sometimes but she will definitely let you know about it. She will beep constantly until you get her unstuck. She goes a great job but a good vacuum job is still needed every now and then.

You too can have a Minty in your house. We got her at Bed Bath and Beyond for $199.00 but I used my 20% off to get an even better deal.

I totally recommend Minty, she has helped get a lot of the leg work done around the house.
Feel free to ask me any questions about my girl. :)


Baby Shopaholic said...

I need to check one of these out! Since P is every where, we have to make sure the floors are clean all the time!

the workaholic momma said...

This is so cool!!! I had never heard of this until your post - I'm totally going to look into this - thanks for sharing:)