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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Rant About One of My March Goals

So, I got our photoshoot done.  YAY! Checked that off my March goals! Well, I got this deal off of Living Social for a 1 hour photo shoot, the photographers time, 1 8X10, 1 5X7 and wallets (who even uses wallets anymore...but whatever) I thought it was a pretty good deal. So I figured for $67.00 and all that I was getting I could not lose out. Well...I have been so frusterated with this whole process that I wish I never even bought the dang thing!

At first, I emailed him to set up my appointment. When I emailed him I had several questions and one of them was if I could buy the .jpegs off of him. He asnswered every question for me but that one. I even emailed him twice asking the same question. But I never got an answer. FIRST ANNOYING THING!

So the day of the appointment, I had to go to his studio to meet with him to "discuss the shoot".  Which I really didn't even have time to do because you know, I WORK! and he does not meet people on the weekends (if I did not get off early on Fridays I would have never been able to meet up with this man). I understand its wedding season but come on, you dont do weekends period?! Well, this meeting in all actuality was him trying to sell me his "fine art" of his photos. Of course the "fine art" was gorgeous and I wanted every piece. He had me all amped until he drops the prices on me. The cheapest "fine art" he had was $700.00!! Ummm say what?! I bought this package from Living Social because I was looking for a deal, not to get ripped off over some "fine art". I want photos not "fine art".
 I then asked him, now for the 3rd time if I could purchase the .jpegs and he told me "No, we dont do that". WHAT??? you are a photographer in a DIGITAL WORLD AND YOU DONT DO THAT?! That makes no sense! I was wanting to buy it, I was not asking for you to give it to me for free. (Obviosuly this guy knows that people can duplicate his "fine art" if they have the .jpeg so thats why he "doesnt do that".) I was very annoyed when I left and told my husband all about that and he was mad about the .jpegs and his outrageous prices. Which in turn got me all amped up too.
He thought that this guy was CRAZY! And I did have to agree with him. He could make more money by people purchasing the CD of their own photos then selling his "fine art".

The next Friday was our actual photo shoot that went very well. He showed us several shots straight from the camera which turned out awesome without any touch ups. So I was very exctied to see the actualy photos.

So, the next Friday was my appointment to go to this guys studio (again) to see the pictures. Why in the world he could have not just put them up on the website was crazy to me, because again, I WORK and its very hard for me to now have 3 Fridays in a row taken up by this dang photo shoot. But of course he was trying to sell me AGAIN. So the pictures were gorgeous! I love them! However, he starts in on me again about his "fine art". I told him at the photo shoot (because he asked me again now that my husband was there to get his reaction) that I did not think we would be purchasing any "fine art" from him and probably just pick up some prints because we could not financially afford a $700 -$1,000.00 art piece. Well now back at the 3rd appointment, he has put together a couple of different "fine art" images for me in case I changed my mind. Again I loved it but told him I couldn't afford it. He did however have these cute mini folios (which was $100.00-thought it was pricey but I didnt have any other idea of what to get my mom) that I was going to get my mom for mother's day. I asked him AGAIN about the .jpeg and he said well if you buy something additional from me then I will give it to you for $25.00 which I thought was awesome! I was so happy. I was going to get the mino folio, the pictures from my package and now one .jpeg.

 Well, he emailed me on Monday with a picture of the canvas again, along with the image of the mini folio and a invoice with all of these additional things (except the .jpeg) that we just discussed at the 3rd meeting that I liked but that didn't mean I was going to buy it. I mean I like Chanel bags but that does not mean im going to go buy one, I can't afford one. So, I emailed him back and just said that ill take the mini folio, the pictures and gave him the pixels I would like for the .jpeg. Well he emailed me back and told me that since I am not buying a canvas he can not release the .jpeg to me. WHAT?????!!!!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! Because I am not buying a very expensive piece of "art" from you you can not release a photo that is of me and my family?! I told him from the get go that I had already ordered a piece of jewelery that needed a photo in it and thats why I wnated the .jpeg. So now what am I supposed to do?

I forwarded the response email from him to my husband and he had some choice words and said that if it were him he would buy the least amount from him and don't give him the satisfaction of your business. So I did just that, I was pissed. We had an agrrement and now you are going to back out of it? So, I just simply replied and told him that I would like image "whateveritwas" for my package and not the mini folio. PERIOD END OF EMAIL.

I left it at that. I am so annoyed because what photographer/business wont work with a client? He is in a digital world and expects people to drop thousands of dollars on art when they are really looking for photos. INSANE! Now, I have to go and purchase for $50.00 a little 5X7...$50.00 really?!

Sorry about my rant but this situation really made me mad. Next time I purchase a Living Social/Groupon I will do some more research.

 And another thing that really frusterates me is that he said in one of our meetings that he wants to use a photo of my son in his studio! Now that you have screwd me over you want to use my sweet face's picture in your studio?! I dont think so!


Julie {love, julie} said...

that is so frustrating! I wish that had gone better for you, you are right, what type of photographer doesn't do better to work with his clients?

Shannon said...

I'd be so ticked too! I can believe he had the audacity to want to use your son's picture! That just doesn't make any sense! Sorry you had such a frustrating experience!

I just saw a special this morning on how some of the deals advertised on Living Social and Groupon don't turn out to be such good deals because some of them do not come from reputable people! Obviously this is one of them!

Hope today's a better day!

the workaholic momma said...

UGH - I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with the photog - I bought a photo sess of Groupon that I have yet to use but now I'm a little leary!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

OH NO!!! Heck no!! That is ridiculous and it just makes me mad reading this. This man is insane. No weekends, bringing you in his studio 3 times. no jpegs... WHACK.

Argh. What is wrong with people? I'm so sorry hun!!!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

p.s. Your pictures look amazing!!!! I hope you somehow get them!!! :)

Lorri said...

Please tell me you know a lawyer that can send him an ugly letter! Just to irritate him! What a complete jerk! I would be very tempted to write a local editor of a newspaper about this. Uggghhhhh.

Gwen said...

First of all...your photos are great! Second...I have decided that some "photographers" just think too highly of themselves. I had a friend take our family photos a few years ago and then she got all psycho on me claiming copyright infringement when I told her what she was doing for MY Christmas card wasn't what I wanted. Apparently she knew what I wanted better. So needless to say I got my money back and cut ties with that crazy witch immediately. I agree with your husband. Don't spend any extra money when someone isn't willing to work with you. Good luck!