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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Which One?

When I first got pregnant with Little C I knew for a fact that I wanted a nice comfy rocker/glider for his nursery. I researched several different ones but just could not stomach the prices. Most of the upholstered ones didn't even include the ottoman in the price either and from what I heard you had to have the ottoman too.

I was still dead set on getting a comfy rocker/glider until my husband (voice of reason) started talking about how it wouldn't fit as nicely in the nursery because it was more bulky then the other wood ones and it would most likely get spit up on and who knows what else.

So we just started to look at the wood rocker/gliders.

Ahhh, these prices were much better and it included the ottoman in the price! Score! I didn't like the look of them that much but it would fit better in our nursery and I wouldn't be as paranoid if it did end up getting spit up on.

We finally decided on a wood glider. I am so glad we did! Not only for the price but for a whole other reason that I did not even think about when I was pregnant nor did anyone tell me about when I was pregnant....
I had c-section (which equals horrible amounts of stomach and lower abdomen pain for several weeks, everything you do you feel like you are ripping apart...its no fun!) so it was hard for me to do anything by myself for the longest time.
This rocker was perfect for me to be able to balance myself in and sit in while holding Little C.
If I would have gotten the comfy upholstered one it would have pushed me all the way back in the seat like sitting in a couch. I would have never been able to get out of that thing without hurting my stomach and I most definitely could not have gotten out of it by myself for a long while.

So, in the long run, I still don't like the look as much as the comfy one but my stomach thanks for not ripping it apart and it does the same job just as well.
I am telling you, I lived in this glider for about 6 weeks. I could not sit on any other piece of furniture in the house because it was too painful. This glider was a lifesaver.

So, if you are pregnant now, think about this factor because no one told me to think about this factor when looking at buying a rocker/glider. You pay good money for a nice piece of furniture you want to be able to at least use it.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand! I had a csection as well, and am so glad we went with the rocker glider! Yours was much cuter though-I did the target brand one.

Great post!

Lindsey said...

I totally understand the $$ issue! We went with your first picture but not as bulky. I love the chair and once we are finished with kids, it will go perfectly with one set of our furniture since we don't have a chair to go with it. Any chair that is chosen, just make sure the fabric is performance so that any leaking bottles or spit up can be wiped up!

the workaholic momma said...

Such a great post!!! We ended up just going with the plain old fashioned wooded white rocker and I couldn't even use it the first few weeks because needless to say, I was super sore and couldn't handle bare wood. I'll be reconsidering my rocker decision before baby #2 :)

natasha {schue love} said...

So so good to know! Not that I am looking for this minute, but as more of my friends are getting preggers...these things are good to be aware of!