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Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 things I love about being a mom

In honor of Mother's Day
Here are my top 5 things I love about being a mom...

1. Cuddling Time- Every night before bed we do our bedtime routine. We change his diaper and put his night time diaper one, put on his PJ's, brush his 4 little teeth, press the sound machine and cuddle. Right after I put on the sound machine he rests his head on my shoulder and we rock. It is the sweetest thing, it makes my heart melt every night. I love this time with him. I just love to cuddle with him anytime not just night times.

2. Seeing him grow- God is truly amazing! I am in awe of how much C has grown in the past 9 months. He went from an 8 pound 6 ounce itty bitty baby to a fun loving rambunctious 9 month old. He is such a great baby I could not have asked for anything more. God has truly blessed our lives with C.

3. Fills My Heart- C truly fills my heart with love, joy, amazement, happiness, etc. I never knew there was a love like this out there. Motherly love is such an amazing feeling its hard to even put into words. I specifically remember people talking about motherhood when I was pregnant with C. I thought I understood what they were talking about and how they felt, but I did not have any clue. Not even for a second. You don't fully understand until you go through it. Motherhood is truly amazing! I am the happiest I have ever been in my life now.

4. I Can Do It-These past 9 months have been a rollercoaster. I have learned so many new things. Obviously I have learned the most about baby stuff but I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned that I can pretty much do anything (not really but I feel like it). Taking care of an itty bitty baby and dealing with crazy hormones, life, jobs, etc took a toll on this mama. I told myself I would not let my issues get in the way of spending time with C. I was going to get outta of my funk and get back to old myself. Because of all the things that I have personally gone through in the past 9 months I feel like I can accomplish anything. I have learned so many things and its all because I became a Mama. I feel like a stronger and better person now.

5. Care- To care for C brings me so much joy. I love being the best mommy I can be.  To dote on him brings me so much joy. I love bath time, feeding him, our nightly routine, to just carrying him around on my hip to do chores is a blast. We have so much fun together, he loves his mommy and I love him!


the workaholic momma said...

AAWWW - how sweet! What a great post - it is so true - motherhood has completely turned my life upside down in ways I never knew it could and i LOVE my new normal:) Happy Mother's Day, momma!!

Jen Watts said...

What a wonderful list! I completely agree that being a mom makes you realize all kinds of things you didn't know about yourself! Happy mothers day!

natasha {schue love} said...

Such a sweet and heartfelt post. I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day! :)