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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend in Pics

Warning Picture Overload!

The E family went to St. Augustine for the Memorial Day Weekend.
And we had a great time.
We went with two other couples and there kids.
Aren't they such pretty girls and there kids are the cutest!

Here are all three girls and there babies.
From left to right there is baby A who is 6 months old (she is so adorable and so good) and then me and C and another C who is 2.

Beach Time!
The beach was beautiful and the water was oh so blue.
C did not like the beach. He had the grip of death! He would not let us go. We had to peel him off of us.

This picture of C and his daddy just melts my heart. C was just jabbering away at his daddy.
I think he was telling him that he was not having this beach thing and get his booty back up to dry land.

Awww I just love this little sweet face!!!

As you can see here....Not having it!
His bottom lip was out, tucked under and just quivering away.

Ahhh much better.
On dry ground back near the AC.
He is def my child.
Mama loves the AC.

The beach was litterally right there.
We sat out on the porch a lot because the view was just so amazing.
C seemed to like to look at the beach from a far....very a far.

And what do you know, he wasnt having the pool either.
Poor baby.
He is going to have to get used to this pool thing since we live in Florida.
I lived in the pool as a kid and I am sure he will too.

We went into town and tried out his new Maclaren umbrella stroller.
He seemed to like his new ride.
He even took a nap while we had some snacks and drinks.

Daddy and C again.
They both love each other so much!

We went back down to the beach right before all the babies were going to go to sleep.
It was much cooler.

And mommy and C.

The sun was right in his eyes so he wouldnt look at the camera.

We had a great time and cant wait to do it again next year.
It will be crazy to see him walking all around this time next year.
He will really be into everything by then.

What did you guys do for Memorial Day Weekend?


Natalie said...

Those pics are so good! :) I'm sure it won't be long that you won't be able to keep him out of the pool or the beach! Glad you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Sarah said...

Love it... Im sure he will warm up to the water really soon!!!!!

Baby Shopaholic said...

He will prob do better if he can do his own thing in the water. Try a baby pool.

natasha {schue love} said...

What a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing all your pictures...your little guy is adorable!

erica said...

Loving the pictures! You have such a handsome boy, and your necklace is the last picture is gorgeous!