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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I want to wish all of those amazing mommies out there a very Happy Mother's Day!
I hope you all had a fantastic day with your little ones.

I had a very fun filled Mother's Day Weekend.
I seem to like to make all holidays into weekends.
It was Mother's Day Weekend, not just Mother's Day, and when its my birthday I make it my birthday weekend. Ya know, to just spread out the joy a little more. It's more fun that way!

On Saturday I spent Mother's Day with my mama.
This is a picture of us on my wedding day.

We had a lot of fun.
We got pedicures, went to lunch, went to my fav Yogurtology, and did some shopping.

My poor feet have been neglected. But I am glad to say they are so pretty now:)
I went outside my comfortable box of hot pinks and got a hot  fun orangish color. I love it! Very fun for the spring!
I love to get pedicures and especially with my mom. It's fun to chat while getting pampered.

On Sunday, actual Mother's Day my amazing husband treated me so good.
I got to sleep in! WOOOHOO.
I took 2 naps, yes 2 naps! It was amazing and I didn't feel bad about doing it.
And we went to the Columbia for lunch. I love this place! It's on the pier so the view is breathtaking and the food is so delicious.
We got this for dessert...

It looks kinda gross but it is sooooo good.
It's there bread pudding.
If you are ever at the Columbia you HAVE TO HAVE THEIR BREAD PUDDING.

We came home and C got Mommy one of these for Mother's Day....

an iPad! I could not believe it! I love this thing! It is so cool!!
Please help me with any must have apps. I am pretty clueless about this new fun toy.

Later that night after Mr. Fussy Pants (he has 6 new teeth coming in...yes 6!...ugh!) went to bed the husband and I went in our spa with some wine. Now, we have lived in our house for 3-4 years and have never got in our spa. It was broke and my husband just didn't get around to fixing it until recently. He said it was part of my Mother's Day surprise. The spa was amazing and I cant wait to use it on a regular basis.

I just love this little sweet face so much.
Thank you husband and C for an amazing day!

I love you more and more each day.
God has truly blessed my life with you.
Thank you for making me a mother C!


Baby Shopaholic said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day!!! I did get one nap in!

Lorri said...

What a perfect weekend! So glad you enjoyed it!

the workaholic momma said...

What a perfect day!!! I so need a pedi too!!! Glad you had such an amazing weekend and I hope you have a great week:)

Aracely @ Mama Fashion Files said...

I love bread pudding! There's nothing like a cute pedi! Mother's day was awesome!

New follower! :-)