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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mummy IQ

Have you all watched Pregnant In Heels? It's on Bravo Tuesdays at 10pm.
I am slightly obsessed with this gorgeous, high end fashionishta, snippity, hardcore Mama.
If you have never seen this show before, Rosie Pope whips new moms into reality.
Now, these new moms are not just any new moms, they are wearing 5 inch heels, hair and make up done perfectly, and accessorized to the T.

For example...

My fav is this chic, she is wearing what appears to be a long black gown that you would wear to some kind of event with this huge chunky necklace and of course her huge heels. All while trying to rush around and take care of Rosie's fake baby, pick up toys, etc. She is just so ridiculous. She would not take off her heels to save her life.

These ladies are like WOAH! Who acts like this? They all are so prim and proper and if they got peed on they might think it was the end of the world. RIDIC! Rosie Pope will go through these ladies houses and lives and tell them what needs to be done before the baby gets here.Most of the time these snotty upper east siders do not like what Mrs. Pope has to say. Rosie is hardcore and does not give into these ladies whines.

One of my favorite things about her show is her "Mummy IQ"
She asks her new clients a bunch of questions to get a feel for there knowledge about babies.
Most of them are completely clueless and their answers are ridiculous.
Here are some of her questions...

 You're an average, healthy couple. What are your chances of conceiving in a given month?
On average, how many hours during each month are you able to conceive?
72 hours
172 hours
7.2 hours
True or False: You can continue moderate exercise while trying to conceive.
How often should you be having sex to increase your chances of conception?
Twice a day
Every other day
Every day
True or False: It is normal for an average, healthy couple to take between 6 to 12 months to conceive their first baby.

 First Trimester
Around what point will your baby's heartbeat begin?
At conception
6 weeks
12 weeks
Which of the following is a natural remedy for morning sickness?
True or False: Morning sickness only happens in the morning.
How many extra calories should the average woman consume when she becomes pregnant?
300-500 calories
500-800 calories
1000 calories
By the end of the first trimester, your baby is roughly the same size as:
Lo's most recent engagement ring
A tube of lipstick
A large bottle of Channel No. 5

Second Trimester
True or False: It is safe to eat deli meats during pregnancy.
At what point are most doctors able to tell you the sex of your baby (if you'd like to know)?
14 weeks
20 weeks
26 weeks
By the end of the second trimester, your baby is roughly the same size as a:
Christian Louboutin stiletto
Tube of mascara
Rosie Pope Diaper Clutch
When do most women first feel their baby move?
13 weeks
20 weeks
25 weeks
True or False: A woman's blood volume increases significantly during pregnancy.

 Third Trimester
At approximately what week is your baby considered full term?
At the end of the third trimester, your baby is roughly the same size as:
An Hermès Birkin bag
A hair dryer
A grande Starbucks iced coffee
True or False: It is normal to have gold-colored leakage from your nipples in the third trimester.
In approximately what percentage of women does the water break on its own?
By the third trimester, your heart rate increases by about:
10 beats per minute
20 beats per minute
40 beats per minute

True or False: It can take up to 5 days for your breast milk to come in.
What color will your baby's first poop (meconium) be?
True or False: Your baby should only sleep on his or her back.
True or False: It is not incredibly important to get your baby to burp.
What is considered a fever in infants?
98.4 degrees Fahrenheit
99.4 degrees Fahrenheit
100.4 degrees Fahrenheit and above
If you go to Rose Pope's website  you can take the real quiz and find out your true Mummy IQ.
She also has a blog that is worth browsing through.
Also, she designs maternity clothes.
Look how gorg...

I wish I looked as fresh face as this girl when I was PG.
Instead I was huge and swollen and had disgusting Shrek feet.
I must say I was not a fan of being PG. Don't hate me.

Now that you have a little taste of Rosie Pope, go check her out on Bravo on Tuesday nights to catch some gorgeous ladies acting cray cray. It's great entertainment I must say.



Julie {love, julie} said...

I LOVE this show! I am so excited for the new episode to come out, those almost mama are CRAZY!

Aracely @ Mama Fashion Files said...

I've heard about the show and seen a few previews. How about the Mom who said that her baby wouldn't be the center of attention just like she wasn't when she was a kid, WTH! These Moms to be have lost their minds!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

So funny I am watching Rosie right now while my son naps and I catch up on blogs. I love her show and I am seriously impressed at how stylish all the women are and how many are wearing 5 inch heels. I seriously am not sure if I ever wore heels while pregnant!

the workaholic momma said...

I haven't watched this show yet but I really need to - I've heard several people, including you, say how wonderful it is!! Hope you're having a great week:)