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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A New Purchase

When I get home today...
Hopefully this will be greeting me at my doorstep!
We finally bit the bullet and bough a nice camera.
We were sick of getting blurred photos of our amazingly cute subject.
I have no idea how to use this baby but I want to learn all about it.
So, if you start seeing tons of photo posts, well that's me thinking I have turned into a photog.
Bear with me and tell me they look amazing please :)

Poor C is going to think I have lost my dang mind.
Oh well.

So a girl needs a fun accessory for her camera right?!
Ummm the correct answer is yes!

Jenna's Journey is hosting a giveaway for Snappy Straps.

Now, you can go visit Jenna's Journey but please don't comment because ....
I want to WIN...MINE, MINE, MINE!
You should just buy one and get 10% off by entering JENNASJOURNEY

So, you got it, its mine!
I never win anything but I feel good about this one.


UpperBottom said...

hi, first time visitor here. you will really love you camera (i'm assuming, ha). we bought a canon dslr last year and it's changed our lives. especially with a child.

nice meeting you!

happy sunday,

natasha {schue love} said...

Congrats on the new camera!!

Anonymous said...

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