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Thursday, May 19, 2011

PSA that is close to my heart {Part One}

This is going to be a very hard post for me to write.
In less then a month it would have been 3 years since my sister has passed away.
She died of cancer.

My sister was tall, skinny, and beautiful
( I would post a pic but still even 3 years later its too raw for me).
She loved the sun and to tan...she loved it too much.
She frequented the beach and most of all the tanning beds.

Since we live in Florida it is in our blood to crave the sun and to be tan.
Throughout the whole entire year.
Yes, it will be winter in Florida but us Florida girls love to be outside and catching some rays while jamming out to some Britney Spears and reading some ridic gossip magazines.
Because a winter in Florida can mean its a chilly 75 degrees out (and yes that is chilly to a Floridian)

However, this is obviously not a good thing for your skin.
Especially the tanning beds.
I can not say 100% that the sun and the tanning beds are the thing that killed her but it was a huge contributing factor.

I can not stress enough the hazards of tanning beds.
It is a known fact that tanning beds are linked to Melanoma.
And melanoma is one of the worst kinds of cancers.
My sisters cancer first started off as melanoma before it spread all over her body.
Here is a link to more information on the hazards of tanning beds.

Again my sister was a very pretty girl before she had cancer.
But the last couple of months she turned into this person that was barely recognizable.
It was very heart breaking to watch.
She had tumors all over her body which just spread and spread.
She lost her hair through the chemo process, could barely walk or move without extreme discomfort, could not use the bathroom by herself, grew a huge belly (looked like she was 40 weeks pregnant it was that big), and her face and body was swollen looking.

Just when you think it can not happen to you, you are wrong.
Take action and prevent cancer!

My sister was 29 years old when she died.
That is too young to die.
She had a whole life to live but was taken by this ugly demon called caner.
Her death was all part of God's plan and her story is actually pretty chilling to hear. Chilling as in a good way because God was looking out for our family.
Yes her death was hard on our whole entire family, but we all have learned so much from her death.

So, please girls be careful when you are out in the sun.
Please, please, please do not use the tanning beds.
When you are being exposed to the sun use sunscreen, a big hat to cover your face, and some sunglasses.
Plus all of these things are fashionable to boot.
And being dead is not a fashion statement.

Tomorrow in {Part Two} I will discuss ways to keep your baby/child safe from the sun.
Because they say that several bad burns as a child can have an affect on your chances of getting cancer later in life.
So lets protect our precious babies.

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Chelsea said...

Thanks for sharing. I am so sorry for your loss - we always tend to think it won't happen "me" but it can.

Sarah said...

Thank you for this... I am so sorry to hear that you lost your sister, I can not even imagine the pain you feel.

Working as a derm nurse this is what I saw day in and day out.. thankfully the melanoma rate should be going down as sunscreen and skin care where not big when we were kids but they sure are now..

your right about babies.. actually the medical journals I have read show that most of your skin damage is done before you are 6 years old... skin cancer just takes one or two bad burns. protection, protection... also and Im sure you already know this.. but it doesnt matter the SPF rating.. always reapply every 2 hours even with waterproof as you sweat it off and wipe/absorb the rest.. every two hours to be safe.

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

I am so sorry about your sister. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to lose my sister! Thank you for being brave and sharing her story. This is such a good reminder to us to use sun protection.

Baby Shopaholic said...

So sorry for your loss!

Julie {love, julie} said...

oh my goodness, I am so sorry. You are so brave for putting this out there for others to learn from!

the workaholic momma said...

what an amazing post and you are SO strong for sharing your story about your sister. I am so sorry for your loss - I cannot even imagine the pain but you are doing a great thing by reminding everyone else of the dangers lurking above the clouds. And perfect timing with the start of summer just around the corner.