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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Fun

I love a good mani/pedi.
However, I don't love the extra expense of having pretty toes and fingers.
So, when I ran across this tutorial from Cupcakes & Cashmere I felt that I had to share.
I couldn't keep these great tips all to myself.

The neon is so in now and perfect for the spring/summer.
My mother's day mani/pedi is about up so im going to try these tips out this week and I suggest you do it to.
 Good luck and happy mani/pedis!

Now, another summer must have is popsicles!
They are so light and refreshing and perfect for kids and mama's waist line.
Plus look how fun these are!!

You can customize your own pops and it only takes 7 minutes.
How cool is that?!
You put real fruit puree in the pops and just freeze them.
You can even make them have faces by putting bits of fruit in the provided molds...
What kid wouldn't love these things?

I found these at Williams Sonoma.

I wonder if you could put some Skinnygirl in the mold and have some Skinnygirl pops??!!
Hmmm I might be on to something here :)
Mama's treat, and babies treat...perfect!


Baby Shopaholic said...

I am going to do more at home mani/pedi. I have to do them in the middle of the night tho: (

the workaholic momma said...

I've never seen the correcting pen before but what a genius idea!!

I too spotted those popsicle makers in WS and have been drooling over them. I remember making popsicles from scratch as a kid with the tupperware set and I loved it!! I can't wait to start making these with Addie.

Hope you guys are having a good week!

erica said...

I have been doing so many home mani/pedi's lately. However I decided i`ll get a pedi because I hate doing my own lol.