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Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Number 2

No, I am not pregnant again....sorry for all the hype, but I have been thinking lately....
I have been questioning myself if I want another baby. I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted at least one child. Maybe two but definitely not more then two. Now that C is almost one (YIKES!) and I am not getting any younger ( I am almost 30 ya'll) the big question has come up...should we try for another baby Not right this second of course but if we decide the answer is yes then we need to get on it.  This mama's clock is a tickin!

I like to think things through like crazy. Make spreadsheets, word documents, talk to my husband about it. I don't want to not have a second child solely based on the financial factor, like we aren't going to be as financially comfortable now as we are with baby number two. Its true but I have to stop thinking like this. We will be fine either way its just hard to get passed at times. I don't want to have any regrets. Children are too fun and precious!

I want C to have his time with us and be able to be a baby but I also want to be a young fun mom. These are several things that would lead me to have just one...

1. More money- we would be able to give C a lot more things and we would be able to retire earlier (and travel which we love to do)

2. Bonding- as a family we would all be very close. Not that If we had another kid we couldn't have this but I feel like one kid would get shafted in certain areas.

3. More flexibility- we would be able to do a lot more things with just the hubs and

4. Behavior- C was the best baby. If we had another would the next one be as food as C was? Would they sleep train themselves and sleep through the night at 8 weeks??

Baby Number 2?...

1. C would have a brother or sister to have memories with and hopefully become best friends with. This is something that my husbands had but I did not. Yes I had a sister but we were never really that close (she passed away 3 years ago from cancer)

2. Baby number 2 and C would entertain each other  (goes with my number 1).

3. Family- we would have a larger family ( which equals to a lot more expenses)

My husband said " I can see you just having one kid, because you are so happy with that one thing you love it to death" and that is very true of me.

It's so hard to know. All I know is that all this mama can handle is little C right now. We will just have to wait to see where God takes us in this crazy journey we call life.


Baby Shopaholic said...

I feel you! P was such a good baby, I am scared the 2nd won't be. Plus I feel like I have no time to spend with a second. Your luck to just be going on 30, girl my clock is almost Tocked! So I would def have to hurry if I want a second.

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Same here! Our first is a dream, but we definitely want more. I guess I'm that girl that's always wanted the big family!

Julie said...

I truly love the quote you have on this post from Diane Ackerman. It describes my personal life philosophy!

As far as baby decisions: I have only one child. It was a well-thought out and discussed decision. And yet, we still have to endure the comments and questions from friends and family who seem to think that every child needs a sibling, etc.