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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bringing Out The Mom In Me

So, I have realized throughout the last ten months that I can pretty much deal with any situation someone throws at me. I used to be a tad bit shy and hated confrontation (when it came to work issues mainly) but I could really careless now. I have become a lot fiestier and taken the approach of "I don't take ish from anyone". I am not saying I have become rude because I have not. I don't like rude people and don't think it's right to act that way. I have just taken the stand to do what is right for my family and I. I am on the path to learn to say no to people and not take on as many responsibilities and I love this new approach.

A lot of people are taken back of my new approach. I think it's because I will finally say no or deal with a situation in a whole new light and they don't like it. They can't take advantage of me, I simply won't let it happen. I don't understand why people don't grasp the aspect of family time. They will surly take the time with their families but when I want to spend time with my family I am being selfish, a bad worker, friend, etc and that is just not ok with me. Why is it ok for other people to be with their precious families and make memories and bond but when I have worked my booty off and done all my responsibilities they don't think I am entitled to it or I am being selfish for wanting time with just my family and no one else. It especially annoys me because my husband is out of town a lot so we don't get the same family time as everyone else so when my husband is home I want to spend it with him and as a family. Why can't people understand that.

It is crazy how much C has changed our family dynamic. I love it, it's for the better. We used to do a lot of things independently and that just worked for us. But now it's all about C. We want to hang out with him as much as possible. It's like he is a little celebrity in our household. And yes, he is that cool.

So, I am like the rest of the world and want/deserve the right to spend time with my family. Don't look at me like I'm being a B because I am standing up for myself. Get over it and realize that my priorities have changed now. I am not your work B anymore and regretfully can't hang out or catch up with family and friends like I used to. I will still be the best worker and friend but ya just gotta understand the new and I think improved me.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Recent new follower. I am 100% with you on this posting.

Things change, it's time for others to accept it. Or get over it. My life (like yours) now revolves around my super COOL 6 month old and husband.

Have a great day!