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Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Cool Mee" Seat Liner {Review}

I first heard about this product from Baby Preston's mama, Tiffanie over at Pineapples and Pickles.
When I first read about this product I could not believe a company out there made something like this.
This was perfect for C. This is exactly what he needed.
C is a very sweaty child and drips buckets of sweat in his new big boy seat.
Its gross to be honest, he is 100% boy.

So I jumped on over to my trusty Amazon and bought him one (and even scored another free month of my Amazon Prime Woot Woot!).
To be honest I was a little skeptical after doing some research on it but I decided for $40.00 and for the sake of C not losing his ish anymore because he is overly hot.
 I would just get it and see how it worked and then go from there.

Well, it works amazingly!
We both love it!
Now when I get him out of his seat the back of his head isn't dripping.
He is dry. HILUEAH!
What it is, is a breathable light weight fabric.
Ya know those kid car seats are not breathable at all.
They trap in body heat.
I personally would not want to be trapped in my own body heat with having no way to escape it.
Ummmm gross.

So if you little guy or girl gets sweaty in their car seat I totally recommend this product.
Its a perfect time to get one since it is the summer and all.


Baby Shopaholic said...

Thanks for sharing! These are a good idea for the summer!

Sarah said...

I may have to look into these.. E is just like her daddy and sweats all the time