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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Back & Heartbreaking News

So, we are back from our vaca and it was fabulous.
It was just what I needed to recharge my batteries.
C had a great time with both sets of his grandparents.
When we picked him up yesterday we was rearing to go.
 I swear he got more mobile in just 5 day. OH BOY!

We didn't take that many pictures.
Which kinda annoys me because we got this nice camera and don't have any pictures to show for it.

After C went to bed last night I was going through all my blog reads to catch up and saw one post that just really tugged at my heart....

One of this girl's best friends had passed away..
(BTW if you don't know about The Busy Budgeting Mama then get over there are going to love it!)

Her name was Shannon and she was shot and killed by her ex during a custody exchange.
I simply can not believe it.
I feel like you only see stuff like this on TV.
These poor precious children now do not have a mother or father.
He took a lot from these children. What a selfish man.
It breaks my heart to think of how young this mother was, she had so many joys to spend with her children and this man ripped that away from her.
I can not even imagine how her children must feel.
My heart goes out to this family.

This is Natalie (TBBM) and Shannon with her two kids.
She was beautiful and from the sounds of it she was a great mama and beautiful on both the inside and out. They lived far from each other and actually had a play date set up for next week to meet and catch up. That will not take place, instead there will be broken hearts healing.

This man was a monster, he was to appear before the court next week on on restraining order.
This women cried out to the court of law to help her.
She had told the court she was scared and that he has weapons.
The court let her down.
Again, our system let someone down and this is the price someone has to pay.
It is very sad situation, and unfortunately its the reality.

The part that really hits home for me is that I work in a law firm.
My boss handles restraining order cases and I'm right there doing my job.
Who is to say that a case like this may run across my desk.
I do not want anything to do with it.
It's my job to do the paper end of up. So does that mean I am helping??
Gosh I hope not.
I have to think of my job as just that. A job.
I can not get emotionally attached or I would not have this job.
 I have to think of it as they made a mistake and are going to fix it and get back to their normal lives.
That is most likely not the case.

I hope I am in no way going to be helping someone justify their actions and get a way with it in my job. That is simply not ok with me.
It is making me think about my job in a whole new light.

After reading about Shannon and her situation it hurts my heart.
For her family, especially for her children.
I will pray for her family and that time will hear their precious hearts.

I hope this situation will only bring good things to this family and to others.
God will not give someone more then they can handle, this was all part of God's plan.
It may seem like why did God let this happen, but it will unfold later. He is not ready to show anyone now.

Please learn about domestic violence and the causes and effects it has.
It is a very serious situation.
If you even think this could be you, please go talk to someone.
Protect yourself, protect your little ones.
No man's "love" is worth this price.

If you go to Natalie's blog you can make a donation to help the children's financials needs be met.
I know I will be donating.


Sarah said...

I can tell you from being married to a cop.. this stuff happens way more then you think.. and yes the courts system does havea bad rep for not coming through... there are so many battered women and children who are looking for help and just dont seem to get it.. but then on the other hand (not saying this is the case here) but there are also too many women who when given help and a chance to get away by the police they turn it down in the name of "love", and will actually call the police back and tell them they do not want to press charges for getting abused because it was an accident or something like that.

I hate hearing stories like this, and my husband is always telling me abouth them, or the stories of children who live with an alchoholic mother, and is always drunk and not caring for who children, who when the police arrive the children run to them and cling to their leg like velcro and ask them to take them home with them.. really this world is so messed up

Natalie said...

That is so sad! Those poor heart goes out to that family.

natasha {schue love} said...

How devastating!! Wow, I am just stunned right now. I appreciate that you took the time to pass this message's something we all need to be aware of and not take for granted! :(