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Friday, June 10, 2011

Vaca {Part Two}

I took a week and a day off from work.
A Monday-Wednesday was spent in the Keys and the rest of the week and Monday, C and I are just hanging out.
We have a couple of things planned out to do but today we were just going to hang out at the house.

We got this adorable little crab blow up pool and he seemed to like it.
He really did not like the sprinkler part on it though.
He had a fit when daddy sprayed it up.

Tomorrow we might head to the mall and check out the Neverfull bag I have been wanting and try to find some Father's Day Gifts for our dad's. I just might have to have some Evo's and Pinkberry while we are there. I mean how can I not when they are both in the same mall....#meanttobe.

Hopefully we will end up at the zoo but not too sure with how this weather is looking.
There also might be a stop to a real pool at my mom's house and maybe a baby hair cut in the schedule somehwere. Ugh I really don't want to do this hair cut thing. I have this thing in my mind if I get his hair cut then he is a real big boy. Of course I dont want this happening.

So hopefully Tuesday I will have a full recap of all the fun stuff we did on the weekend and Monday.
Stay away rain!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

We love the crab pool... what filter did you use while editing this photo I love it