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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Vacation Dig

 I am super excited that the hubby and I will be leaving for vacation oh so soon.
5 days of pooling it, drinking, sleeping in, and living the baby free life.
For five whole days!

When some of my friends ask me what im up to lately and whats going on with the E's, I talk about my up coming vaction. Of course there next question is if we are bringing C with us. 
Which is totally fine and understandable.

But what really annoys me is when I tell them "No" we arent bringing him, they will make a comment about it. Even a simple snotty "Oh?!" or "Why Not?" irks me. 
But they usually have more to say then just that.

And what really drops them to the floor is when I tell them that I dont think bringing kids on a trip is a true vacation.
You would think by there reaction I was the world's worst parent. 

Now, let me clarify by saying, that I think trips with kids are a lot of fun.
I want to take them on trips to go see things and play and have family time.
Like Disney, a water park, amusement park, etc.
Something kid friendly will be a blast and all of us will always remember it.

But I think "family time" and "vacation time" are two seperate things.
Mama and Daddy need some down time too.
And if we have family who want to watch our sweet face C then by golly we are going to let them.

So, I am not the world's worst parent because I want to spend some quality time with my husband, sleep in, get drunk by the pool, and do nothing thankyouverymuch. We both deserve a vacation and that does not mean that we love C any less. Actually I could not love him anymore ummmmk.
Technology is amazing and we will be able to skype with him and at least see him and he can see us.

So please take your nasty looks and your ugly comments somewhere else because they are not welcome here.


Mama S said...

You go girl! I totally agree with you! There is nothing wrong with that. I teach school and my kids go to my parents house for a week off and on during the summer and I love it just to do things around the house that I want to do or NOT to do!

Lorri said...

You go and enjoy every single minute! Even though we have only gone on a few trips (longer than two nights) without our three children, I think it is absolutely necessary! Mom and dad need the time together AND time to refuel! Some of my best childhood memories are from the times I spent with my grandparents while my parents were away. They only took trips once or twice a year, but I LOVED my time with my Papa and Nana. I hope you have a fantastic trip! Enjoy the company, pool, and a fruity drink for me!

Lauren said...

Girl my parents went off and left my sister and I with the grandparents all the time and didn't think twice about it!! I'm not a mom yet, or anytime soon, but I think it's healthy and you should get adult time. You deserve it! Have fun! (Those other mom's need to get a clue!)