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Monday, July 25, 2011

1st Birthday Party

This is the Birthday Boy!
C had such a great birthday filled with family, bright fun colors, presents, cake, and fun!

His adorable little birthday shirt came from none other then Pocketbaby on Etsy. She makes great quality shirts and lets you customize how you want it. I think his shirt was perfect for his big day.

Mama and dadda got him this fun Step2 wagon.
He loves this thing! He has already taken two walks in it.
The wagon is perfect because in the front it has drink holders for the adults and in the middle it has two drink holders for the kids (fits sippy's perfectly), in both kids seats are buckle where you can buckle each kid in. And, of course the top, it keeps the kids shaded and the big bad sun off them. Safety first :)

Now here is the food table.
The table cloth is from Target.
We had deli meat subs from Publix. They were cut up individually and were huge and delicious!
Then there was the potato salad, popcorn and cake.
The popcorn boxes came from Sweet Lulu's and lets just say the popcorn was a big hit! I also got some pretty paper straws and those ginormous balloons I put on the wagon from her shop too. She has some of the most unique and prettiest party supplies. If you have a party coming up you must go visit her shop. You will want to buy everything. I promise!

Now onto the smash cake that was not smashed.
Mama made it.
I made the rainbow cake I have been seeing on Pinterest and trying to find a reason to make. Yeah, that one. I don't have any actual pictures of the cake inside which I am so annoyed about because it was so pretty.

I just have this picture of me making the cake.
This will have to do :)

So the little Birthday Boy did not smash the cake.
He just put the tips of his fingers in it and started to cry.
I think that there were too many people looking at him and he wasn't too sure about it all.
He actually really didn't eat anything the whole day because there was so much going on.

His birthday cake bunting and this high chair bunting came from Etsy as well.
Actually this was by far the best customer service I have ever had! Astrid was so sweet to me and whipped out two amazing buntings and got them to me in a matter of days. I contacted her a week before the party (heck it could have been even less time then that) and she was so kind to make sure I got it all in plenty of time and it was the perfect edition to the party. Please go visit Astrid's shop, its RedRedCompletelyRed she rocks!!

I wanted to display his monthly pictures I have been taking but I was just too consumed with life, work, and other party stuff that I didn't get around to it. So I just covered a huge canvas we have in our kitchen area with some wrapping paper and did a clothes line with some pictures, glittered up some clothes pins and WAH LA! I think it turned out cute. Not as cute as the monthlys but oh well. It did the job.

I of course did the balloon wreath with the 1 in the middle. It turned out super cute.
This isn't the best picture but you get the idea.
Again, off Pinterest.

I also made this bunting.
And by made I mean I went to Target and bought the actual bunting.
They have a very cool party section now, I think its called Spritz or something like that.
Each strand was like $5.00 I think, maybe even a bit cheaper.
Then I cut out some letters, glittered them up, got some fabric glue and glued 'em on.
It says "Colby is 1!"
Now that the party is over, we are hanging his name in his room.
It looks cute in there.
If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make bunting I would say that this is it.
Most on Etsy are very expensive and you can tell people you made this one.
I myself am not a sewer nor do I have fabric scraps laying around so this was perfect for me.

I did have some Printables too.
I got most of them for free from either Pinterest or other blogs I frequent.
If you are interested in any boy printables let me know and ill send you 'em.

Then of course there was the fun present opening.
By this time he was over the whole party so he kinda just sat there and watched us.

Overall it was a great party and I can't believe I now have a 1 year old!
I only cried hard once and that was at night when I decided it would have been a good idea to go rock him while he was sleeping. After a couple glasses of wine and my soon to be 1 year old. I just cried and cried holding my sweet little baby in my arms.

We love you C!
Glad you had a great day!


Baby Shopaholic said...

Happy Birthday! You did an awesome job. Look at that table! You did a lot of work!

natasha {schue love} said...

OK, that food table is absolutely adorable!!! Great job! And so are all of the cute banners!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

You did a WONDERFUL job hun!!! Happy Birthday to C and to you too! The first year is so hard and you have done an amazing job!

I love the way you listed the vendors in your post - I hate seeing awesome parties and not being able to find out where they got some things! I also picked up some of those spritz banners from Target - I may have to steal your idea and add some letters to them!!! :)

Your wreath turned out awesome!! I think I'm the only one in the world not making a wreath... hmmm maybe I should? LOL!!

Seriously - you did fabulous - I was so excited to see this post!!!! :) xoxo

the workaholic momma said... clearly if I had read the next post before I commented on the more recent one I would have seen the birthday update I was so excited about (sorry, i've been seriously behind on blog reading:() I LOVE everything you looks perfect and everything was SO adorable. I've been debating about making my own smash cake too....maybe I'll try it out. Great job on everything and thanks big time for sharing your vendors.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY....Happy Birthday, C!!!!

Jill @ Momma Totally in Love said...

Wow you did great! what an awesome birthday party!!
Im your newest follower, I saw you on polosperals and pacifers!!
come check me out if want!

Sara said...

I started following you from Polos, Pearls & Pacifers.. so I am new here. I'd love for you to send me any baby boy printables. My son is turning one in October, so your post has my wheels turning!! My email address is sbg_0721 Thanks! Sara

marjorie rose said...

These were the images posted by natasha on schue love. You did an amazing top notch job! Belated happy birthday to your darling boy!

Red Red Completely Red said...

I'm so glad the sets of bunting got to you in time! What an amazing party. Colby is so cute -- hope he has a great year as a one-year-old!