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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Check Me Out

Stephanie over at Polos Pearls & Pacifiiers did a great sponship post on me.
Go check it out.
While you are there look at how dang adorable her daughter is!
I could just eat her up in her little wellies!

I bit the bullet and got a new phone.
My old blackberry finally bit the dust and deciding to go with the droid.
And its 4G wooohoo!
I am loving this thing!
I am so connected now its almost scary.
I thought I was connected before but its almost ridiculous how connected I really am now.
Tweets, Facebook posts and pictures along with my blog posts all in the swipe of my finger.
Dangerous I tell ya.
I need to make a conscious effort to keep my phone away from me while C is awake and concentrate on being there with him and not glued to my phone.

I get myself one of Erin Condren's amazing life planners through the Plum District's amazing offer.
I can't wait to mark it all up with my entries, birthdays, to do's, notes, and ideas.
This mama is going to be sooooo organized and sooooo stylin!

I got it in this color.
And yes Erin Condren I will be waiting at my front door for this package.
I cant wait!!


the workaholic momma said...

Congrats on the new phone!!! I just recently traded in my BB for an iphone and I too am in love...although the connectivity I now feel is a bit scary!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Sara said...

Hi there, I am a new "follower". I'd love for you to email me the printables you have for a baby boy. My son is 9 months tomorrow, so it's never to early to start planning his big party! TIA

Baby Shopaholic said...

Cute sponsor post! I have tmob and just the the Sensation! I am in love, at 1st i was scared of it. I am so addicted now. I can do so much. Enjoy it!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Great color choice.

xoxo, chrissy
The Perfect Palette

natasha {schue love} said...

Awesome intro and let me know how it goes with the Droid...I have grown to really love it! :)