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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mission of Motherhood

I am so totally in love with Jami Nato.
She is such a strong and amazing Christian woman and mother and wife.
And, she has the cutest kids!

Her post from yesterday just tugged at my heart and had to share it.
Here are her....

14 ways to mentor your child:

1. go to church regularly. not so a sunday school teacher can tell your child about Jesus(which, yes, will happen hopefully), but to show them the importance of living together in a christ-like community.
2. read the bible with your child regularly. a lot of you mentioned the Jesus storybook bible. we love this too. hands down, i think it is the best children's bible out there. and sometimes i cry when reading it...but whatevs.
3. memorize scripture with your child. for example, have a verse of the week. write it on a chalkboard. practice it in the morning and at night. apply those verses to every day situations...i.e. when they're afraid, when they need an attitude change, when they need to show grattitude.
4. talk often about heart motivations, which leads to bad beahviour.

5. dream, plan, and pray about what you want to see in your family. write it down and pray it through.

6. remind children that obedience is obedience if it is: all the way, right away, and with a happy heart. if it is not all those things, it demands a consequence.

7. put your iphone away. or is it your computer, blog, craft, cleaning, etc? BE PRESENT when interacting with your child.

8. pray with your child. not just at bedtime. pray through rough situations with them.thank God for fun things. help them to know how to repent. pray that your child experiences the Gospel in a real way.

9. ask your child for forgiveness when you mess up. tell them what heart motivations led you to your behavior. model repentance.

10. journal your life honestly. journal your prayers and dreams for your children. this could be done once a year on their birthday. or more often.

11. eat dinner together as a family. no TV. no phones. no distractions. talk about their high and low. what was your high today and what was your low?

12. build encouragement into your kids. build them up during the day or around the dinner table.say encouraging things to them alone and in front of others.

13. go through "catechism" questions with your children. it may seem outdated (actually, up until last year i thought it was just for catholics), but the word catechism just means to teach a biblical truth in an orderly way. it is amazing how many of us don't know the answer to simple biblical truths as we reach adulthood.

14. model charecter traits you want to see in your children. ask God to help you model them. if you don't like it when your kid lies, don't lie to them. if you want your kids to be grateful, don't complain constantly. the list goes on and on.

Amazing right? I need to print off this list and work on it daily. I want to be the best mother I can be and a good example for C.

This week I have been so stressed out with party planning and running around like a chicken with my head cut off that I just need to stop and spend my time with C instead of worrying if the house is clean. I need to do better about all of the things above and this is the perfect refresher. Thanks Jami for posting this :)

1 comment:

Taylor and Robin said...

Thanks for posting this Cheryl - I loved it! I definitely need to print it out for myself too...