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Friday, August 5, 2011

Chalkboard Wall Idea

We got the American League.
And boy is it super stinkin cute!
I love that classic quilt look.

Well I have been brainstorming some ideas for his big boy room and this picture....

made my brain start a churning.
Look at that wall.
Its a chalkboard wall with a mural.
I love that idea.
Its perfect!

Look, I could write rules and morals on the wall to help him learn to be a nice sweet boy.

Or he/I could doodle...

Or what I really want is to get one of hubs friends who is a fantastic drawer to come and make a mural.
And you know what I want the mural to be of....
A baseball field in the background, with a big flag pole with a gigantic American flag waving in the wind, a baseball field with a gigantic score board saying the Rays are winning, a big screen with a pictures of the hubs and I kissing, some birds flying in the air, and in the stands people eating some popcorn and hamburgers.
Yes, I have thought it through quite a bit :)
Sounds like a huge project. I would totally tackle it if I could even draw a half way decent stick figure. But I cant.
But isn't it such a cute idea?! 
The only problem is I don't want him to decide one day that he is going to erase it.
Ugh! All that hard work gone...

I think I would have to get some pens like these to make it look like chalk.
You can buy these chalk pens from Chalk Ink
They are perfect for the "I wanna look like I used chalk and spent hours one making this mural kinda affect when I really just used a colorful pen.
I am totally going to have to get some and try em out.
Hey Chalk Ink, feel free to send me some free pens for me to try them out. Ill hook you up with a free post about em. :)
I am totally going to have to make a fun DIY post about this.

Have you ever made a chalkboard wall? If so put your link in the comment section I would love to see it!


Mel said...

LOVE the chalkboard wall! But I wonder how hard it is to teach the kiddos that that's the ONLY wall in the house they can draw on! haha

Happiness Is... said...

Cute idea! I want one in a playroom some day.