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Monday, August 29, 2011

Cheers To The Freakin Weekend That Was...

I so needed a break and was so happy it was Friday.
But the weekend came and went already.
What happened to it?
Hello Saturday and Sunday where did you go???
Did you get my permission to leave me?
I think not.

I was actually pretty productive this weekend though.
I cook don't get me wrong but I just don't LOVE to cook.
Ill do it because I have to.
But this past weekend I made a couple of new things.
All inspired from Pinterest.

Take these delicious bacon jalapeno poppers for example.
OMG are they so dang good!
They are so addicting and my new thing.
They are going to be a staple in my house from now on.
You can find the recipe here.
They are super easy and so good.
The perfect appetizer.
You should also poke around From the Aisle to Aloha's blog while you are there.
Super cute blog!

I also made this.
and OMMMMGGGG is this cake maybe not the best thing I have made in a while.
It will also be my fall back yummy delicious dessert to bring to parties.
Now, it may add five pounds per slice to your arse but its totally worth it.
I cant wait until lunch time to have a slice.

Next up on the list for this week's meals are...

Monday Night (and hopefully have lots of left overs for the week)
Found here
I'll probably make some green beans to go with it.

Wednesday Night

       Slow Cooker Jambalaya     
Found here.         
My husband and I love Jambalaya so hopefully this will be a winner of a recipe.

Again not a big fan of cooking but all these delicious recipes might just force me into being a good cook. I love to try new things, hate cooking the same boring things.

Go check out my Pinterest food section for some inspiration for your meals.
There are a lot more desserts then actual dinner items.
This mama loves her sweets.


Southern Sisters said...

great recipes thanks for sharing!!

Jordan said...

everything looks amazing! i might need to stop by for some cake ;)

Jen Watts said...

Ok, this post has made me hungry!! I'm off to find you on pinterest and steal your recipes!

ashley @ the 29th floor said...

you're making me so hungry right now!!

Jill said...

Those jalopeno deals look amazing! Makes me want to try them! :)

Beach Bum & Baby said...

YUM!! I need to make them all - right now!! Especially those jalepeno poppers- they look amazing!!