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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 4 Details {Wedding Week}

This post is all about a few few amount of details at the wedding.

Again I was not happy with the photographer and wish I had more detailed images but oh well.

I think one of my favorite things were my invitations.
I will have to dig up a pic for you guys.
Because I must say they were beautiful.

Now here are the details of my big day...

My dress.
Ugh, I love it!
It was very me and I felt like a pretty pretty princess.

My bouquet and some jewelry.

The flowers right when you walked in the door.
The seating.
Now, about these chairs.
I HAD TO HAVE these chairs.
They were crazy expensive but felt like they were a must and I think they added a great touch.
This ceiling treatment was another must.
I worked and worked at my budget until I got it so I could have this.
And it was gorgeous!
This is the place card table along with the crystal tree I made.
Everyone loved the crystal tree.
It added such a beautiful and creative touch.

My not so beautiful and tasty cake.
Oh well.

And all of us having a great time!

I loved my wedding and wish I could do it all over again.
But to be honest I would not do the big hoop la. I would elope.
Hawaii baby!


Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Your dress is absolutely stunning!! Those chairs are fab, I had to have them as well, in black lacquer. :)

Jordan said...

I love it! You can plan my wedding :)... someday. Ha. Miss you!