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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Game Day {FSU v. UF}

Yes this is absolutely true.
This game is huge in Florida.
This game is huge in our family.
And I love it!
Whether FSU wins or loses its still such a huge rivalry that everyone is pumped.
This year the game is at the Swamp.

Now, let me be perfectly clear.
I do not know a lot about football.
I get the gist of it but don't know a lot of the rules and blah blah blah.

But what I do love is to get dressed up for the games.
It totally gives you a reason to put on your party game day dress
and have an excuse why you are acting like you are still in college and getting stupidly drunk
all while playing a**hole, ring of fire, and other intoxicating card games you played in college
Ahhhh yes, I love game day.

So, in celebration of the upcoming season I thought I would show you some of my fav game day gear for the big FSU v. UF game.

This would be for the "coolish" night game.
Because lets me honest if anyone wore this to a day game they would be miserable.
Plus night games can be a little more dressy and then you could go out in it later and party it up.

I think this would be super cute paired with some wedges and a big clutch.
Possibly a gold clutch. 

And look at this beauty.
If you have not seen her dresses you need to do your research.
Because they are the cutest!!
You will be every girls envy with one of these dresses.
I promise.

This is just an idea of her adorable dresses.
She creates all different color schemes and teams.
Love them!!

Ok now on to the ugly orange and blue (sorry I had to).
I was brainwashed at a very young age to hate the gators.
And yes, to this day I still hate the gators.

But I must say, there are so dang cute dresses out there for UF games.
Totally not fair.

How is it that FSU has such pretty colors but such a crappy selection.
Hate that!

Now here are some super cute Natalie Kim UF dresses.
Could they be any cuter?
I think not.

So, what are your must haves for game day?
Don't forget your water and sunblock.
Gotta play it safe girls.


Kristin said...

I must know where I can get that first orange and blue dress!!! Also check out Haute Fan Couture. Her dresses this year are cuter than last year's, in my opinion. Not sure if the line is on the website yet, but you can find it on the facebook page. xo!

Ginger said...

haha I love the keep calm variation you posted :) and I love that in the south girls dress up for game day :)

sinreal11 said...

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