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Monday, August 15, 2011

New Loves {Sephora}

OMG have you seen this thing?!!!
I must have it!
Ummmm yeah, it is pricey as in $275.00
Not sure its going to fly with the hubs but I can always try the nagging approach if I have to and both of us can use it right?
And then both of use could have crazy Barbie white teeth.
And who doesn't want Barbie teeth??

Here is the decription from Sephora:
This kit gives you professional quality teeth whitening results at-home—up to eight shade changes-with an average of five shades in five days with no sensitivity. The GLO Device, when used with the GLO Brilliant™ Whitening Gels and GLO Brilliant™ Whitening Mouthpiece, uses the patented Guided Light Optics Technology and illuminates with a brilliant blue light as it gently warms up. The light and heat accelerate the GLO Brilliant™ Whitening Gel giving you faster, longer-lasting results. You're in control, your smile can get as white and as bright as can be.

And by the way, it got really great reviews. And that means a lot to me.

Ok, on to my next ridiculous must have purchase from good 'ol money sucking Sephora...

Look at this fun pink beauty.
It's a Claro.
You know what it does?
It treats those nasty, pesky zits.
Yes, I am almost 30 and still get zits.
So embarrassing.
But if you say you don't get zits at 30 then you are lying girl.
Because we all get 'em.

My face got sooooo bad after having C.
I thought I would never see my pretty pretty skin again.
I tried everything and what finally cleared them up was a little help from Pro-active and just time.
I guess all those hormones caused my face to flare up.
It was very depressing, here I am fat and now my face is ugly. UGH!

But anyways.
This pretty pink thing (it comes in black and navy too!) says that it treats zits by using heat and light.
And apparently it treats them quickly.
Score! Even better!!

Another stupidly expensive purchase of $195.00
It got mostly good reviews.

Oh, the price we will pay for beauty!

Now, check this bad boy out.
I am slightly in love with it because its white.
Why is that so cool? I have no idea but I must say I like the way it looks.
Very trendy and fun.

What grabbed my attention about this lovely is that it says its very light weight and dries crazy fast.
Ya know, I am in a crazy rush in the morning try to get myself and C ready for the day and need all the extra help I can get.
And sad to say but my little stick of arms get tired after blow drying my hair.
Pathetic I know but you must know what I'm talking about.
So if this "featherweight" of a hair dryer can help me out.
Then it must might be the investment for me, at a meer $200 bucks.

So what are your Sephora must haves?
I love that place!!!


lg2006 said...

Ooohhh those all look neat but i am especially interested in the tooth whitener! If you get it you must write a review with before and after pics!

the workaholic momma said...

ddrrroooollll...what wonderful finds - now i want them ALL!!!! hope you guys are having a wonderful week - thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog:)

This Confetti Life said...

I'm looking for a new hair dryer--love the white. I keep hearing I need a dryer with tourmaline...? Mostly, I just want faster drying.

natasha {schue love} said...

Ohhh I think I need all of these products!! Yes, yes, and yes!