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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Notice Anything New?

This lady has some new fancy buttons!
And Moxie Tonic helped me do it!
She totally rocks.
I got 4 buttons for $1.00.
Yeah you heard right. 4 buttons!
And she has quite a big selections of fonts and colors.
She was totally great to work with and helped me out so much on the installation.

I have become obsessed with keeping linked in to the social media world and totally loving my new buttons to help others do the same.

Please hop on by to my Facebook Fan Page and Pinterest to say heeeyyy!
I love some FB and Pinning lovin.

Oh and I also got me some of those amazingly gorgeous Minted business cards.
I mean how can you not?!
25 cards for just shipping!

Here is the one I selected.

Did you get your Minted cards?
If so which ones did you get?
It was super hard to pick which ones because all of them are so gorg!


Lili said...

OK, im ordering cards RT NOW! thanks!

Baby Shopaholic said...

I am going to check these folks out! Looks good!!!