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Friday, August 19, 2011

Second Quarter {Game Day}

Since I already posted some cute outfit ideas for the big FSU v. UF game,
I thought I would post some for those other teams out there.

I love Alabama's colors.
So classic and pretty.
Look how dang cute that elephant necklace is.
I think if I was a Bama fan I would have to have that.
But of course I'm not. GO NOLES!

To me this looks super comfy and easy.
You most likely already have some sort of this combination in your closet.

Love this!
Even thought this really isn't my style, its so easy and trendy.
I wish I was tall and skinny to be able to pull off that shirt with the skinny jeans.
But I'm not :( I'm short and not a stick.

Here are a bunch of different team dresses.
All of them are so pretty and perfect for game day as well as other occasions.

Now I just thought these cookies were fun for game day.
I am sure they would take FOREVER to make.
But super cute and you can coordinate them with your team colors.
So cute I wouldn't want to eat them.

And even thought this is a Gator wreath it is so cute!!!
 I think I could make one of these in FSU colors what do you think?
I would just probably have to go to the scrapbooking store to get an F,S, and U die cut.
Hmmm another craft added to my list.
Darn you Pinterest!

All of the above photos were found on Pinterest


natasha {schue love} said...

I love these ensembles! Who said you didn't have the fashion bug!? Amazing!

erica said...

Loving the game day outfits!