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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wittle C's Weekend

This whole weekend was rough for poor wittle C.
Friday afternoon was his big one year appointment.
Yes, tear for me.

Of course the appointment started off by us waiting for like an hour.
I love our Ped but an hour is just stupid.
I have a ticking time bomb in my arms and you are making me wait in this small as* room with a child who is going to freak out on me any minute?!
Ummmmm how do they get away with that?

On to the prognosis

He is healthy as can be but had to get 4 shots.
One in each arm and leg.
Poor wittle guy.
The first shot we thought he wasn't going to cry.
He just sat there.... and then the water works came.
I tried to be a big girl and not cry but it was super hard.
Yes, C got the shots not me but OMG I would cry too if I had to get 4 shots.

We tempted him with some puffs but it didn't seem to work.
Judge away.
But anything to distract my poor little baby from thinking we are hurting him.
Ugh the thought just breaks my heart.
My boy loves to eat and have his snackies so why not?

Everything was good to go Friday night...
Until Saturday came and we took him to go get his first hair cut!!

You would have thought we were slowly pinching him or something.
He was just a big ball of fuss.
Doing this little whiney sound.
Ugh so pathetic and cute at the same time.
He looked at me like Mom get me outta here now!
Again I tried the puffs but this time he wouldn't even take one.

Here are some pics I got from Saturday.
Poor wittle guy huh?!

The last picture breaks my heart.
But he is lookin pretty handsome if I must say.

I will NOT be trying to cut his hair myself anytime soon.
With a football style grip my hubs had to have on him to me cutting his hair.
I don't think so.

And in case you haven't taken your little dude to get his hairs cut yet.
Be aware, its not cheap. I couldn't believe we paid $15 something for his hair to be cut.
Again, I'm going to pay it but I think its kinda pricey for such a small head.

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