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Monday, August 22, 2011

Work Etiquette

This is not my office.
I just thought it was pretty.

This post is going to be very harsh but as a working mother its just how I feel.
Just thought I would put that out there first.

So, lets just say its a Monday morning (or anymore really).
But Monday's are particularly lovely aren't they?....
This mama has been up since six already.
I understand that a lot of people (at least in my office) get up 30 mins before they are supposed to be at work to just drive to work, they look like a dang hot mess when they get here and its questionable if they even looked in the mirror before they left their house.
Ok, fine, that is there life but not mine.
So, yes, back to being up since 6AM.
I have already completed a whole freakin lot since six.
Including... getting myself ready, a baby ready, feeding my baby, packing up a lunch for myself, packing up a diaper bag, taking a babe to day care, driving to work, and everything else in between.

All I want to do when I get to work is work.
Is that such a big deal?!
I get here before everyone else so I can do what I need to do.
So when everyone else comes in I can already be a head start.
Because at my office once even one person comes in I feel like I get no work done.
They start in on me immediately.
I try to look busy, that doesn't seem to work, so maybe I make some calls, nope still doesn't work.

Why do people feel like they need to tell me about their whole weekend first thing in the morning.
I am just trying to unwind from my crazy morning. Again since I have already completed more then they will   all day.
And all I want is SILENCE.
To just hear the AC, slurping of coffee and the tapping of my keyboard.

Now, I would love to tell everyone in my office about all the cute little things C did the whole entire weekend.
But do they want to hear that?
Probably NOT.
So I don't say anything.
They have their own lives and things to worry and care about.
I know how cute C is I don't have to tell everyone else.
Take one look, you can see for yourself. :)
I feel like if they want to know anything about him they will ask.
And then I will tell them my stories.
But only if they ask.

So, on that note, why do I want to hear about your teenage kids and their doctor appointments or school or other people in their family that I don't even know.
I know it sounds bad but there is a time and place for all the stories.
And it certainly is NOT AT 8AM or anytime before noon really.
I just want to do what I'm at work to do.
Is that so crazy?

I am not saying I don't goof off at work from time to time and I do like to hear about my coworkers lives but especially NOT at 8AM or when I am in the middle of doing something and its very clear.

So please exercise some work etiquette and only talk about your children when asked.
Of course you can tell a story here and there but you are at work TO WORK.

That is my public service announcement for the month.
Again its harsh but this mama has stuff to do and lots on her mind.

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