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Monday, September 5, 2011

Best Times to Buy?

I saw this on Tip Junkie's Blog and thought it was very fitting for today.
Since its Labor Day and all, and if you are anything like me, I like to see what good deals are out there on Labor Day.

Pre-C, I would go to the outlet malls and hit up the sales.
Yeah, not so much this year.
I will be browsing the web from my jammies this year.

So this chart not only touches on after holiday and holiday sales but it goes into days of the week.
How cool is that!

As for me, I know that Target marks down there items to clearance on Wednesdays.
So, I try to go to Target every Wednesday on my lunch break and browse the end caps for any good deals.

I got this wagon for $22.00, normally $90 something...SCORE! Happy Birthday to C!

All from Target's amazing clearance section.

To save money I also will pick up Birthday and Christmas gifts throughout the year.
If its a great price why not?
I store them in my gift closet (thats looking a little crazy right now I must say) and when its a holiday I am not rushing around remembering to get a present...I already have it!

I also try and pick up clothes that are marked way down from 50-75% off for the next year.
So, for right now I am stocking up on my 24 months-2T and I even have some 3T.
Again, why not buy it now since its so cheap.
I hate to buy anythig full price.

I did buy myself a little something (again, not full price) on all these lovely Labor Day Sales....
Kate Spade was having her amazing sample sale and I just couldnt pass up this pretty.
I have been needing a new black bag and thought she was perfect.
So I made her mine :) 

Anyways, as you can tell I love a good deal and thought this chart was totally worth sharing.
I think I might print it off and put it in my lovely Erin Condren Life Planner (again, did not pay full price for it either! Scored it with a Plum District code)


Unknown said...

how cool! thanks for sharing. that bag is fabulous!


Emily said...

I definitely saved the on my computer! That will come in handy. I am just like you- I hate buying things for full price. I love clothes and everything else but I love them even more for a good deal! Target is always the best for that!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Still so jealous you snagged a Kate Spade! I was good and pretended I never saw any of them!

Paige said...

Huge Target fan over here - thanks for the Wednesday-mark-down tip!

erica said...

Love your Kate Spade bag. I passed up on the sample sale because I spent way too much money on the Lilly sale.


the workaholic momma said...

Thanks so much for sharing this - this is awesome info - I've always heard about buying times but this chart makes it super easy to remember!!!!

Hope you and C are doing well and had a wonderful labor day weekend!!

lg2006 said...

That chart is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I love all things Kate Spade and you got a beautiful bag there!