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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fav Places to Shop

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner.
Her link up is about one of my favorite things.
She wants to know where our favorite places to show are.

Well, it is known amoung my family and friends that I love Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft. I am a huge fanatic!!

My fav is the Loft because it is more affordable.

Lets take a look at some of my fall favs at LOFT shall we...

Cute! I could totally dress this up or down.
Wear to work and also on the weekends with C and the fam.

I am really into the tunic thing this fall and think this is a great look.

I am totally not a jacket person because, well, I live in Florida and we don't wear them that often and when we do I hate them. However, this jacket is ADORABLE. I think I could manage wearing this cutie.

This dress is pure perfection.
Including the color and that is a shift.
I love shift dresses.
They are so easy and comfortable to wear.
And paired with some tights its perfect for a Florida fall.

Now another fav place of mine to get basic T's are Old Navy.
I wear a lot of plain tees and accessorize them.
Target also is a great spot for plain T's.

The thing you have to keep an eye on is that ON tees shrink.
So I always get the bigger size.

Aren't these T's perfect for fall!

I also like to get my shoes from TJ Maxx and Loft. I wear mainly flats now and they have some really cute ones. So go check both of those stores out if you are on the hunt for flats.

As for accessories, I am all over the place with this one.
I normally wear my stud diamond earrings with some stacking bracelets that I have gotten from all over the place including, Nordstroms, Forever 21, Macy's, etc.

And as far as my bags go. I will not be getting a new one for fall but will be pairing these looks with my LV Damier bag and my new Kate Spade.

This one but in black.

I cant wait to see where everyone else shops.
Maybe it will make me expand my fashion horizons a little.
Hold on to the credit card hubs.
This mama might be in trouble :)


erica said...

I absolutely love the loft but lately whenever I go in there I just cant seem to find anything.


natasha {schue love} said...

STILL in love with your LV bag! *Swoon!*

Raven said...

loooove me some ann taylor loft. So cute and affordable. dbl win!