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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Does Dexter Do it?

Yes, this Dexter, the serial killer.
I mean how does he do it??

What I'm asking is...
How does he do his laundry and get all those blood stains out of his clothes?
Maybe he just throws them right in the ocean with his victims????
 Or what I like to think is that he oh so tediously washes them by hand with some special concoction he has made up and is not just sharing with the mommy world.

Come on Dexter share your secret!

So while I am sitting there watching C with my own two eyes he decides to stand up (which he knows better because I have told him NO a million times) and then slips and falls and his little tooth jabbed his lip. He was crying hysterically while I was freaking out and snatched him out of the tub while making some crazy noise that I don't even really remember making, and just holding my sweet C in the towel . He was so sad and scared. And so was I. My poor little C.

Well everything finally calmed down but now I have blood all over my towel from his little mouth. How in the world do I get blood out of a towel??

I hopped onto google after he went to sleep to find that...

1. Wash it out with COLD WATER NEVER USE HOT WATER because it will cause it to set in.

2. Rub soap or shampoo onto the spots until you work up a good lather.

3. Scrub the area like a maniac.

4. Rinse back in COLD WATER until its gone.

5. If the area is still tinted with the blood then pour some ammonia straight onto the spot. It should not hurt the fabric.

Tip: Make sure you get to the spot before it dries or it will set.

So, now you know how to get blood out of stuff.
Great tip to know for us mama...especially for us Mamas with boys because I have a little feeling I will be having to do this more then once in my life.


Beach Bum & Baby said...

Ugh. Trey fell the other day - walking and drinking a sippy at the same time. No bueno. Should have seen your post like a week ago! LOL! Thanks for the info hun. I'm sure there will be more blood.

p.s. I never knew who Dexter was until I watched Dateline last week. Did you see it? SO intense!!! SO good!!!

lg2006 said...

Girl get you some BioKleen Bac-Out stat. It is a natural enzyme cleaner and "eats" any organic matter like blood, poop. pee, vomit, etc. It will eat the blood out before you even get it to the washing machine. PB busted his lip last week and i had blood all over my shirt!