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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Peek Into My 2nd Life

I feel like I have 2 lives.
My work life and my real at home life.
I like my real life a lot better I must say.

And I do have 2 babies in my life.
My real baby C {he is the cute one} and my work boss.

Here is a typical day for me at my 2nd life.
Feet up and all.
Wish I could have snuck in a nap.

I gotta have my huge water bottle with me and my Erin Condren Life Planner.
I use my planner to jot down all the ideas that pop into my head throughout the day and chores I need to do in my real life. Ya know like vacuum, laundry, get that blood out of the towel that I was supposed to do Tuesday. Whoops.

I didn't show you my snack drawer.
It is actually embarrassing with all the crap/junk food in it.
Ill keep that to myself thank you very much.

And you all know I'm already a mama but I'm called a "Paralegal" here at work.
See my lovely certificate.
Woot woot, watch out now. I might go all legal on ya.
No, no I wont.
 And see all my lovely files. 
Ugh. And that is just one section of my cube.

And this is my fun little corner.
It adds a pop of color to my dreary disgusting cubicle.
Oh yeah, didn't I mention I live in a 5 X 5 cubicle at work.
And...with no door.
Hate that! I want my privacy.
Ya know to blog and online shop.

And more files.
And yes that is toilet paper you see.
Sometimes they run out and I do not want to get caught in a situation.
So I stash some.

So, here is my 2nd life.
So glamorous you are jealous I know, I know.


Erin Branscom said...

I have a second life too. lol It's not fun and I am working to be able to stay at home! :) I am now following your blog! :) Erin

bananas. said...

i am jealous! i wish i could put my feet up like that :)