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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sacred Marriage {Chapter 2}

I am linking up with Jenn over at Knee Deep in Munchkin Land to discuss my thoughts on Chapter 2 of the Sacred Marriage book club we are doing.
If my post or this book sounds interesting to you jump on the bandwagon we would love to have you.

First of all this Chapter was way better then Chapter 1.
I even got out of my Erin Condren Life Planner to take notes down in.
I found so many great passages and ideas that I had to write them all down to keep in mind for this post and my life in general.

So onto these passages and ideas...

Idea-Gary Thomas thinks that God wants us to be fueled to love him through love and intimacy and not simply by our self motivated fear.

First of all, wow, wow, wow.
I love this. It really got me thinking.
Am I following and loving God because I am "scared"?
Scared of going to hell?
Scared of the worldly view of what it means to not follow God?
Or am I following God because I want to do the right thing and live a good and descent life?
But is that even good enough?
I need to love and follow God because I am being obedient to him and love him and want to follow in his footsteps because he is so powerful and amazing.

This verse in Hosea 2:16,19a  goes with this thinking and the book based on marriage

Hosea 2:16,19a
"In that day, declares the Lord, you will call me "my husband", you will no longer call me "my master"...I will betroth you to me forever."

Think about this...
We love our husbands because we love him as the person he is.
He is our best friend, our everything to us.
God wants us to think of him in that respect.
He wants us to love him because of simply love itself, not because of an outside fear.
I never thought of it that way before.
Very simple idea and true.

Another point Gary made is that there are two ways to live out your marriage.
1. Man-maintain out marriage as long as our earthly comforts and desires and expectations are met.
2. God-we preserve our marriage because it brings us glory to God

This is another idea that was mind blowing to me.
I never thought of marriage in this light before.
It is so easy to get caught up in your daily life and not to live and nourish your marriage the Godly way.
I must say I do this.
Its not right but I do get caught up in my wake up, get C ready, go to work, work, come home relax and do it over again. Its hard. But that's not an excuse.
Like Nike says "just do it"
Just make time for God and your marriage.
Why not it wont hurt anything.
It will actually make him so happy.
And I will become happier in my own life and my marriage.
So, Just Do It!
Why wouldn't I want to be happier in my own life?
Sounds like a no brainer idea.

And lastly a point he made was that I need to live out all of this I am blogging about in my own personal life
Just because I type it and think it that wont do anything.
I need to live it!!

I am the more spiritual one in our family and feel that if I maybe take that first step and make the initiative then maybe he will fall in my footsteps. I need to "just do it" and "live it"!

Cant wait to read all ya'lls posts:)
Don't forget the Facebook chat is this Thursday.


Superchikk said...

Great post! I liked this chapter more, too!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. It's so true what you said about being scared. I often feel like that's my motivation for loving Him, even though I know I have to give myself to him fully. Also, I like what you said about taking the initiative because I feel the same with my family.

Ali Thompson said...

Interesting how different things appeal to different people. I struggled a lot with this chapter, but loved chapter 1! Will be interesting to discus this on Thursday!

Andrea said...

Well said! Looking forward to Chapter 3. I love the title of your blog by the way!