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Monday, October 10, 2011

Day Care Struggles

As most of you know I am a full time working mama.
So that means C is in day care full time.

I actually have had since Thursday off from work.
And I'm off today and not because of Columbus Day.
Why you ask?
Well, because my day care lady is taking her vacation.

Ok, fine, vacation.
Everyone deserves a vacation.
But not at my expense honey.

She gets 2 weeks paid vacation, 5 paid personal days and three paid sick days and all of the Federal Holidays off and paid.
Ugggghhh yeah.
Is that crazy or what?
I know, I know, we knew about all these days when we signed him up but it's getting ridiculous now.

I mean, I would like to get a vacation too and just unwind from my crazy life schedule.
The faint memories of vacation, laying out by the pool, drinking fruity drinks, sleeping in....OOOOHHH sleeping in. I want you back sometime in my life. Please come back!
But its almost impossible because we have to work around HER schedule.
She is a paid employee of ours.
However, she calls all the shots.
How did this happen?
How is this my life now?
I already have several bosses, the hubs, my boss at work, C, and now my day care lady that I'm paying!!

All of my vacation days at work are pretty much taken up from C getting sick, me getting sick, and me having to take time off from work on her days off.
Are you freaking serious?
So here is the score....

 Day Care Lady-29 + days
Cheryl and C-0 days

Does any one else have this problem or is it just us?
Please someone tell me that this is just how day care is and to suck it up.

Oh and can't forget that we have to pay her for her vacations up front.
What the F?
So that means I have to fork over 2 weeks every time she goes on her vacation.
If I'm not at work then I don't get paid until I get my booty back there.
Just seems like that's how the working world works.
And again, she is working. Working for us.

Oh, and if we do decide to take a vacation. We have to pay her for the time we are away.
"To hold his spot"
Bye bye money.
Bye bye new fall wardrobe.

I think my boss is about to let loose on me about my day care lady.
I can't help it though. What else am I going to do with him.
He tells me I should bring him in...baaahhhahaha.
He has no idea!
I swear he thinks I'm lounging by the pool drinking pina coloadas all day when I have to take off.
Heck yeah I would love to do that but sorry BOSSSS im not.
I'm running around with my head cut off trying to make my sweet babe laugh and not bite my head off.

 I think my boss is finally getting to the point where he understands a tid bit. Maybe? I hope?!
But he doesn't have kids so he has no freaking clue what I go through.
That is probably another post in itself.

But on our mini vaca (if I should even call it that) we did a lot of fun things.
We went to the park, zoo, splash park, had breakfast with some of my girlfriends, and just played our little hearts out.
Here are some pics from our fun vaca.
So as much as I love to complain about her taking lots of days off, it does mean that I can spend extra time with sweet little C.


Erin said...

Oh my goodness! I'm right there with you on the daycare issues. Luckily though, days off is not one of them. I can't believe she gets so many vacation days! Is this an at home daycare or an actual facility? Our daycare which is attached to a church has the most AH-MAZING schedule. They are open every day except major holidays and once every quarter for an in-service day. This has been such a blessing for us because at my office we only get major holidays off and that's if we're lucky! We do, however, have to pay even if J isn't going to be at daycare to "hold" his spot. Which I think is the stupidest thing, but what are ya going to do?!

Honestly, if you love this woman and the daycare I guess it's just the schedule you'll have to get used to. But if it were me? I'd be looking for other options. Only because I know at some point my boss would be a little pissy about all the hours I was missing.

Good luck with everything!! Glad y'all at least enjoyed your mini-vacation!

ps - sorry for the long comment :)

Baby Shopaholic said...

It kinda sounds like she is getting over. The point of daycare is so that you have a guaranteed place to take your child so you can work. But I have not been thru that yet. Good luck! hope it gets better.

The Smiths said...

Ummm you should quit your job and open your own childcare service. Sounds like she's got it made in the shade!!

Lindsey said...

We take Connor to an in-home place. We takes mainly teacher kids and while we pay for days that we are off, such as Columbus day, Christmas break, etc. we don't have to pay while we are on summer break. She says for us paying for those holidays makes up for that. I am just glad I found a place that we don't have to pay to keep our spot while I have summer break with C!

Happiness Is... said...

I am confused - the daycare closes altogether, or when one teacher is gone your kids can't go if they are in that class? I think all employees (you included) deserve a that part seems fair. But it doesn't seem like a daycare should close without warning unless there is an emergency? We're on daycare #2 (we recently switched), and at daycare #1, if a teacher was off, they hired a substitute. So the calendar was printed and they followed it (only closed on certain days). But never did a teacher's sick day or vacation impact us (and I don't think it should....) At daycare #2, there is also a calendar that they follow, and they shift teachers if/as needed for vacation and sick days. I am probably not helping at all, but it seems like if you are paying for tuition and the daycare randomly tells you that you can't go (and it's often), I'd personally look elsewhere - it's too expensive and important to be unreliable and a burden (unless you love this particular place/teacher?) But if it's an in home daycare, then I don't know there's much you can really do about it since it's "her rules."

In any event, so sorry you are going through this - being a working mommy is hard enough without having to worry about things like this (and having a boss who is unsympathetic / can't relate).

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Wow. She sounds like a real peach. Sorry you're dealing with that. In the end, it's actually why we went with a more organized center to avoid things like this. I'm with you, as much as I would LOVE the extra time with Jamie....we pay for daycare so I can work. We couldn't swing both and who wants to waste vacation days for someone elses vacation!

beckylbranch said...

Well, I'm glad you had a fun day with your lil man. I do understand the prob though....I mean we still pay our "daycare providers" which happen to be my sister in law when I'm off. But when they are off we are SOL. Whatevers. Life. It's crazy!!!! Just try to enjoy it and don't get too stressed momma :) xoxo

Unknown said...

Oh your lil man is supe3r adorable!!! Sorry about the day care . . . I don't have kids yet so don't get it too much BUT I can imagine it's a huge pain.

lg2006 said...

WOAH that is nuts ! Seems excessive! Hope you get a real vacation soon! No fair!