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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did My Baby Steal A Pumpkin?

So, here C and I are...
In Publix looking at what else but those dang cute mini pumpkins.
Again, I am obsessed.
He is sitting in the front part of the cart being all cute.
I give him a cutie pie pumpkin to see if this is the one that he really wants mama to get him.
I turn around to look at more of the freaking adorable pumpkins and find the squashes!
Ugh, mama doesn't have any of these now does she?!
Maybe C wants one of these too.
 I turn around to see him sitting there being all cute still.
But no pumpkin in hand.
I ask him "Where did your cutie pie pumpkin go?"
He looks at me all crazy of course
So I just figure he dropped it down into the cart.
I look, no pumpkin,
 I look on the floor, no pumpkin,
I look behind him in the cart, no pumpkin.
Ummm C where did you put that dang pumpkin?!
I start freaking out because I see my purse in the back of the cart wide open.
Did he put the pumpkin in my purse?
OMG they are going to think I stole the pumpkin and that this is all a ploy....
To get my cute little baby to put the goods in my purse and act like I dont know what is going on.
I feel the cameras and people watching me.
I riffle through my purse and rip everything out one by one.
No pumpkin.
What in the ___?!
So I look through the cart again.
No damn pumpkin.
I go through my purse one more time.
I will not get arrested because this little baby put a freaking pumpkin in my purse.
But again, no damn pumpkin.
Ya'all I have not a clue where that little freak of a pumpkin went or where my baby put it but it was to never be seen again.

Has something like this happened to you before?
Please share your story so I dont feel like the only crazy one.

1 comment:

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Ha this has me cracking up because Trey got the death grip on one of these in Trader Joes last week and I ended up having to buy it! (Not that I minded but still....)

But nope that hasn't happened to us - YET!! HA! I'm sure the time will come and I will def tell you about it!!