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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hair Love

I lust after these 2 celebs hair.
Serena (ok I know her real name is Blake Lively but I have a slight obsession over some GG) and Lauren Conrad. Every girl wants LC's hair...if you don't there is something wrong with ya.
Uggghhh to have their gorgeous amazing celebrity locks...droool
Now I understand that they probably sit in that dang chair for hours to get there hair to look like this (well I hope they do at least) but a girl can dream right?!

First up is GG's Serena Blake Lively.
Ok I must admit I have a bit of a crush on her.
Yes, she is my girl crush.
Shhh don't tell the hubs because he will totally take this to another level.

Look how cute she is and her hair is always so perfect.
Even if its not perfect and its messy...its still perfect.
Makes sense right?

Oh, hey there Serena Blake

And now my girl LC.
She is just so natural and perfect looking.
I wish I could roll out of bed and look half as good as her. Heck I wish I could look half as good as her with my full make up and hair done. Not fair LC!
She is so down to earth.
Gotta love some LC

And I cant tell if this is the girl off Lost or Kate??
But I don't really care because I just want her hair.
I wish I could wake up and have hair looking like this at all times.
And by all the time I mean right when I wake up, with snot in it (ya know from C teething), rolling around on the floor doing kiddy things.
Not to much to ask right?

And how about all 3 of these girls?
I love the messy yet put together look.

Oh and on to my fav.
The pony.
I love to wear my hair in a pony but I look like I'm twelve when I do.

VVVVolume! Love this!
Would be a fun going out or date night hair do.

Or this pony for every day.
Looks easy enough to do but my hair will never ever look like this.

How about the side pony with a braid.

I think my arms would totally fall off if I tried to do this one.
The pony is perfection here and it has a braid.
I can barely even make a low side pony without my arms getting so limp and tired.
Is that sad?
Do I need to work out more to make my hair look like these pics??
Hmmm seems that this working out thing transcends into other things..not just my health.


Emily said...

I love both of their hair, style...and well just about everything! When I got my hair chopped off 11 inches last year, I took a photo of when LC had short hair and it looks so great! And yes, when I braid my hair it makes my arms hurt SO bad. weak? maybe.

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Oh hair love. I know all about it. I keep telling my hairdresser I want to look like a Kardashian - Kourtney or Kim (not Khloe). And yet - it's still not there.

I love the pics of the pony's you posted. I really need to learn how to get that volume - it's gorg!

If only we could have personal hairstylists. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

That's too funny~ those two are on my top fave hairstyles as well. How do that get that curled/but not curled look? I've tried everything... :/

Hyphen Interiors said...

That is all great hair! I'm with you - mine never looks quite like any of those photos. Bleh. Thanks so much for your comment on Aubrey's blog! I really appreciate it. I hope your bedroom turns out great! Oh, and I love the name of your blog!

Marina said...

I am more into Blair, but Serena do has a wonderful hair!