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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make It Pop

Oh a little boy and his popper.
You know the saying "Oh a little boy and his dog" it's his popper.
C is so into his popper.
I would compare C being into his popper as I am into my wine and coffee.
Yes, addicted and obsessed.
Now, while I love C to be kept busy with his toys...
the popper takes it to a whole other level.
To the point where I think he would sleep with it if we let him.

Last week he didn't get the concept of the popper.
He would just sit on the floor to play with it and shake it around.
Oh no, not this week.
It's the Stanley Cup in our house.
I think he thinks he is now a professional hockey player and the popper is his stick and the dog toys are his puck.
He will whip that thing all around and ram it into everything like he is trying to slap something into a goal.

Now, this is cute and all.
Until, mama has a huge headache.
This toy is probably the loudest of the bunch.
Most of the time I don't mind it and just tone it out.
But last night I felt like my head was going to pop off and the dang popper sure was not helping.
It felt like those itty  bitty balls were being pelted at my head every time he would push it.
I felt bad taking it away from him because he loves it so much.
So, I decided to just pour myself a big ginormous glass of wine and let him go at it.
After about 20 mins mama's edge was taken off and C was still playing like he was a team member of the Tampa Bay Lighting.

I do think every kid should have a popper.
I know I had one as a kid.
But they are pretty ridiculously obnoxious.
I must admit, the hubs and I find it pretty hilarious to buy our friends the most obnoxious children's toys for their birthdays/Christmas.
And someone totally punked us by getting the popper for C.
So, now its on.
We are totally on the hunt to find their kid something ten times more annoying.
He is 2...any suggestions?
 This ones gotta be good and totally top the popper.
So, whatcha got in your house that makes tons of noise?


Lindsey said...

We have the popper. I bought it. Being a teacher, I can tone any annoying noise out, minus the constant clicking of a pen.

What about the B. You Drum with egg shakers, jingle bells, etc.? You can find it at Target.

the workaholic momma said...

We don't have the popper...something similar but I don't think its quite as bad!! As far as annoying...this idea may not be annoying but I think its little tikes that makes a "mud-pie making" toy for kiddos. My hubs cousin received it as a gift from her SIL (follow all that;)) for her twins and if looks could kill....ha!

Hope you guys are having a great week!!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Oh lord. We have a popper. It's a "lawn mower" thing that we never used much outside so Trey now plays with it inside. Annoying AND he doesn't pay attention to what else is going on and bumps his head on things. GAH.

I don't have any annoying suggestions yet, but I will keep my eyes pealed for you!!! :) LOL

Chasity @ Haute Mommy Blog said...

I think toys with tons of little a grocery cart full of play food....are more annoying than noises, because it's more mommas have to pick up!