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Friday, October 21, 2011

Night Life

This is our dinner/night life right now.
So not fun.
Torturous to be blunt.
I want my sweet little babes to eat healthy.
Ya know eat vegetables and not chicken nuggets all his life.
Maybe I am crazy and not thinking rationally but please C I am begging you eat your damn veggies!!

I thought I was being this clever mama and tricking him by giving him his own bowl of apple sauce and his own spoon. While occupying himself  I would quickly shovel veggies in his mouth and he knew nothing was even happening.
Well, lets just say that did not last very long.
I gave him his own bowl and spoon last night and all he wanted to do was stick his face in the bowl.
Ummmm what are you doing C that is not how you eat.
Didn't ya mama tell you that was rude??
Its like he was at a Halloween party and bobbing for apples.
Cute yet odd.
Where does this baby get these  strange things from???
So he was more interested in sticking his head in his bowl than eating any veggies I had.
No tricks would work, no funny faces, no noises, and no Michael Jackson thriller dance moves (and yes this works like a charm normally)
So after I got him nice and pissed off from trying to feed him veggies he did NOT want he decided to just pick up the dang bowel and pour it into his mouth.
Very clever C.
Again, where does he get this stuff from?
We clearly don't do this, well maybe the hubs does after eating his ice cream and he wants to get the left over creaminess. And surely there is none of his on Baby Einstein that he sees.

So I think I just might have to hang up the towel on feeding him his veggies.
I will still put whole veggies in front of him every night.
Maybe he will accidentally pop some in his mouth a time or too.
But at least they will be there as an option.
As I'm typing this I know it sounds crazy, this little babe is smart and he knows what he wants.

So, in the mean time I'm going to stick with these until he yells and me and throws some more royal C fits.

At least he will be getting some vegs in his life.
So, the shirt is off because we got CAAARRAZY with the vegs and applesauce and he just wanted his daddy since mommy is mean ya know.
So story time with daddy it was.
Ugh melts my heart.
I love my two guys!

1 comment:

Deidre said...

Wow I can only imagine how hard that would be! Keep on trying though - he'll thank you for it someday, I promise :)