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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Teething Thing is No Joke

You see...
I have this perfectly well behaved baby.
It's true I do.
But every couple of weeks lately he has been turning into this baby from another motha.

He turns into this little walking/stumbling drooly, snotty, fussbox, angry little monster.
Cute monster that is.
When I say drooly its not like its just a couple of drips from his chin. Its this constant water fall streaming from his little mouth.
Like you have to change his shirt at least 3 times a day because it is soaking wet.
Oh and not just wet from all the drool. Wet from his snotty nose too, snot literally drips down his face and daddy just likes to wipe it on his shirt.
Boys will be boys I guess.
And he just loves it when I rip off a soaking wet shirt over his head and scrapes against his face...gross!
You wouldn't like that either would ya?

He walks/stumbles around with his face all scrunched up ready to fuss at the first thing that may set him off.
Dog watch out, you are right at his level and he may come swat you or your back may be wet for a reason you don't even know. Poor doggie...he has no idea what is about come come at him.

He is slowly starting this new walking thing and is a little wonky on his feet.
And you know what this means??
He is stumbling around like a little drunk.
There could be nothing but air that makes him fall but he is going down and going down fast.
If I remember right that was me sometimes in collage.
So I guess I can relate.
But of course when he falls the world ends in his eyes.
That means he has to go crawl and find something to pull up on and do the whole process over, so yet another scream from his cute little monster self.

My little drama king is getting his 3's and 4's I think (see picture above).
And seriously it is driving this mama nuts.
I thought when he got in all of his 5'sthen the fussy drama boy would have been gone.
But nooooo.... this mama is about to pull out her hair.
I have to carefully strategize what I am going to wear to make sure it is a fabric that can soak up loads of saliva and snot, and not a satin that will get one drip on it and ruin my whole outfit day.
 I feel so bad that I cant comfort my little drooly dried up snot face.
But I don't even know how to handle this baby from another motha.
 Hello Mr. C where did you go??
He never gets fussy or yells at us like he does but when he is teething. OMG watch out.

The hubs likes to joke with me that when he is taking a nap he is really recharging his batteries again to bite my head off. Totally not funny hubs. But totally true.
Oh teething please be done!! I want my happy babe back.


Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

Yikes! :( I do not look forward to the teething days if we have a bebe. Those look like no fun for the mama and child :((( Good luck!

Unknown said...

"from another motha" LOL i guess i have this to look forward to?



Baby Shopaholic said...

Teething sux! P has been waking up every few hours at night. I can deal with it. Mister is out of town! No sleep for mama!

Jen Watts said...

teething is soooooo bad!! it totally changes a baby's personality! Carsyn has been so grumpy!! hope your little one's come in soon.

natasha {schue love} said...

Poor little guy and poor little mama!! I'll so be coming to you one day when I'm dealing with the same issues! Hang in there! :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Ugh, teething is the pits! I'm so over it. Jamie has been teething hard core since his birthday....TWO months ago!! And so far we only have one tooth to show for it. Sigh.

lg2006 said...

I feel ya sista! We are in the same boat it sounds like!