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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We All Have That One Friend...

I think we all have that ONE friend.
That one friend who is F-ing psychotic.
Like probably needs meds in her life or a big life shock to bring them down a couple of levels.
A couple of levels to where the rest of your friends are.
The normal people.

But I guess the question begins at...
Why are you even friends with this girl?
She drives you to drink even more when you hang out with her because you are sick of hearing her complain.  You may even throw out a rational comment or two to try and get her back to normal level. Of course that wont work but at least you try.
If you guys aren't in a drinking atmosphere, well lets be honest...Its miserable to be with this person and you think to yourself the whole time "why am I friends with her?"
She will complain about ex boyfriends, how her life is so busy she doesn't have enough time for life, I will never get this or do that in life, why me, etc...

After all of the girlfriends are together you immediately call each other to talk about how crazy she is and you can't believe the happenings that just happened.
It's a full recap summarizing her crazy.
You all try to figure her out but just can't
You don't get it because you aren't on her level.

 But you think to yourself, we have been friends for a really long time and you know she is a good person deep down and she really isn't like this ALL the time. She can be fun. She can be normal.
So there you go, rationalizing the crazy.
Are you crazy now for rationalizing crazy?

But just when you think she can't shock ya anymore.
There she goes.
You have reached her underground of crazy.
You had no idea she could amp it up a notch.
But oh yes, she does, and she does it so well.
Her underground crazy is exposed.

But again, all of it seems to blow over and you are friends again.
You know she is nuts but you deal.
Why, because you just do.
Because, you are friends...duh!

I know that you have that ONE friend who is just a little coo coo.
I know you are thinking of them right now.
By name specifically, and maybe even an exact incident.
It's ok, we all have that one friend.
Us girls can all relate to the quote above.


Jordan said...

sometimes i feel like I am this crazy friend haha miss you <3

[darci @ the good life] said...

yes, we do.... and then sometimes she's your boss.