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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So tell me...did you babymoon?

We did!
I have a thing for vacations.
As in I get the vaction itch every 3 months.
Every 3 months on the dot.
And just because I was pregnant that did not change a thing.
Babymoon here we come!

But when you get the vacation itch every 3 months like me, it makes for a very expensive itch.
So instead of doing traveling very far we decided to stay locally, as in about a 3-4 hour drive.
We went to Marco Island (in Florida) when I was about 7 months PG.
I am very much a pool, do nothing all day, tropical, carribean type of girl.
So a pool and non-alocholic fun yummy drinks were on the must have list.
Oh and Mexican food.
Because im pregnant remember and this pregnant chick had to have her Mexican food.

We stayed at a gorgeous hotel on the beach with a pool.
I stocked up on my trashy magazines, put on my two piece suit (yeah I was that pregnant chick wearing a 2 piece), lathered my big belly up with some sun tan lotion and laid out.
It was pure perfection. I actually want to go back right now.
After I got too hot from laying out I ploped myself up at the bar to enjoy some yummy non-alocholic drinks.
I got some stares (mainly from the hubs) but I didnt care.
This was the life and I was going to enjoy it.
Because in 2 months I would not get to do this again for a very long time.
After a day of laying out we hit up some shopping, Mexican food and ice cream!!
I loved our mini babymoon.

Now, tell me...did you babymoon?
If so where did you go?
What type of babymooner are you?
Do you look tropical or the cold?
Relax and do nothing or have an itnerary?

The above baby picture is from Elise Kersey Photography


Shannon Dew said...

I think the idea of a babymoon is freakin' fantastic! I am so mad we didn't go on one but, we did get pregnant the month after our honeymoon so...yeah...

Anonymous said...

yes we had a babymoon; we went to antigua for 1 week and it was fabulous! i'm a total beach person so lying around basking in the sun is my favorite thing to do

the workaholic momma said...

Sounds SO relaxing!!! We did not babymoon but after hearing about what you guys did maybe we should have;)

Sarah Hawkins said...

A babymoon is awesome. We drove 3 hours south to Italy. I am the same as you, all I wanted to do was read magazines at the pool with a pretty view and eat yummy food. We traded the Mexican for pasta though :)